Shows that should have been left alone: Transformers

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This one has been something I’ve been trying to cook up for months, especially when I heard they were going to milk another movie out of the franchise that really should have ended when Shia LeBeouf left. It’s time to chat about the movie franchise that is based off a cartoon franchise that is based off of a toy franchise that came out of the minds of Japanese toy makers that were probably high off their mind.

[insert gif of “Transformers” that isn’t one of Megan Fox trying to act. Literally that is majority of the good “Transfomers” gif, which is just sad]

Let’s get something out of way right now. I have no problems with the cartoon or television franchise as those are actually good. But when you take cartoon about race of robots from another planet that can transform back and forth between being a car and being a robot and turn it into a live action movie, that’s when I’m like:

When you place a fictional cartoon universe, there’s usually some tweaks to where you can ‘okay, I can slightly see that happen.’ Perfect example of this is what they did with “The Smurfs.” They introduced the little blue people as coming into our world via a portal. Sure, we all know that it probably wouldn’t happen but it explains how it could happen. But how do explain why they chose to be cars of all things? Like there are plenty of other things they could be that would so much better than a freaking car. They could have been planes, jets, a ship, or even a rocket?

I get they are trying to blend in here on Earth but I mean c’mon. How many people wreck their car  a year? And out of those totaled/crashed car, how many Transformers died? Did they not know that cars aren’t something that usually have a long lives on Earth because people are idiots when driving? No one apparently did their research on it. And it’s also stupid for the Transformer to let someone total them just because they are undercover.

The franchise is also ruined by how much damage/chaos. While there are two sides of Transformers that are literally at war, this movie is extremely violent and bright flashing lights. Who wants to watch that? There’s also a radical change in all the characters that make them look either freaky or just scary af. Between the scary Transformers, the explosions that are just too much, and flashing lights that make you feel like your in a rave, the movie is just too much over the top. And don’t get me started on the script and the acting.

Also, in what universe would Shia LeBeouf bang Megan Fox? That right there is just plain fiction. I’m not trying to say that it could never have but it’s just that would be very unlikely to happen. Especially in high school. If they would be out of high school, then it would be a little bit more believable. It would be a little more believable if it wasn’t Megan Fox. She’s just too attractive to be with anyone that doesn’t look like they spent 24/7 at the gym. Yes, I’m being shallow and judging a book by their cover but this is supposed to take place in high school and that is how high schooler thing/act.

As a cartoon and toy franchise, “Transformers” is extremely good. But it should have never been made into a live action movie. It would have looked a little better if they would have explained the plot more and made it more realistic approach. It also could have been way better than without the massive amount of explosions and flashing lights. Pretty much, it would have been way better as a cartoon and not a live action movie.

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