Video Review: Demi Lovato throws house party in “Sorry Not Sorry” video


On June 29, Demi Lovato threw a house party, invited a production crew. They filmed this music video and made the party less enjoyable for some as they had a follow marks and do reshoots on takes. This is the video of that house party.

The video for “Sorry Not Sorry” is a simple video with a concept that has been done over and over again for years. Pop star throws a wild and crazy party and then films it for the music video. But Demi does it her way. She pretty much shows us a party that she threw and didn’t invite us to and rubs it into our faces.

The video is pretty much like Miley Cyrus’ “We Won’t Stop” but more sane and fewer drugs. Demi looks sexy af in it and is just like “Sorry, not sorry you weren’t invited to my party” with those looks. The video is pretty much a middle finger to anyone that wasn’t invited to this party because this party was EVERYTHING. Literally looks like a blast. Better than the party that Justin Bieber threw in the “Beauty and A Beat” video.

Jamie Foxx was there with Wiz Khalifa, which is a party just with the two of them. Fucking Paris Hilton was DJing the party. Like we all missed out on this party and I’m really sour. Like I’m saltier than a soft pretzel at a sporting event. I’ve heard Paris Hilton’s set is everything and to be there in person for it? It was also a bubble party in this house and fuck, who doesn’t love a bubbly party.

The video is beautifully shot with the lighting very similar to what was featured in the “Cool For The Summer” video. Everything about this video is gorgeous. Again, Demi looks so hot in the video. Her ponytail game is strong. The part of the video that irritates me is the fact that how well-lit and produced it is something that was done at a random house party that she threw. Yes, I get that isn’t true because I’m a full believer that Demi sits at home with her dogs and knits sexy outfits. But if you are going to go with that being the plot then you should go fully into it. Like, have it be a little bit of a shaky cam with not great shots and whatnot. It would have been even better. They did it for some of the video but it was only in the beginning and not throughout.

While I’m extremely pissed off that I wasn’t invited to this party, “Sorry Not Sorry” video is amazing and beautiful. Demi, call me next time you throw a house party. I’ll bring an obsessive fan who won’t get tears on your outfit, cake (who doesn’t love cake?), and life-size cut outs of the Jonas Brothers that may or may not have bodies or heads. The party doesn’t start til I walk in. Slide into my DMs and we’ll talk.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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