Big Brother Battle Back Showdown rocks the house


It’s time for the now annual Battle Back competition. It’s the time were evicted houseguest competes in order to re-enter the game and continue their dreams toward the grand prize. And this time, the Battle Back was literally everything.

Now I won’t do a play-by-play of it because frankly, that is pointless. This Battle Back was more thought out and do extremely well. I applaud them for making something that was literally just ehh the first time they did it and just making what it was. It also could be the fact that this cast is probably the best cast they have had in years as a whole. This so far is the best season that the United States has put on in years. Probably since Big Brother 14 or Big Brother 10.

So they did a playoff format for this year’s Battle Back. The first four evicted competed with the winner and the one that came in second moving onto the next round. Then those two competed with the winner going on to face an existing houseguest to see if they could re-enter the game. If the evicted houseguest won, then they were back in the house. But if the existing houseguest won, then the evicted houseguest would go home.

Here’s the breakdown of what happened because I’m not Julie Chen and obviously not good at explaining rules, as you can see from above:

  • Cameron and Cody beat Dominique and Jillian
  • Cody beat Cameron
  • Paul was voted by the house 11-1 to face Cody.
  • Cody beat Paul

Pretty much Mark during all of this.

Personally, I’m excited Cody to re-enter the game because that means there will be more interesting television and feed. When the houseguests found out about the Battle Back Showdown, all of them were dreading the return on Cody. Mark looked like someone kicked his puppy when he thought about the return of Cody and Dominique. Jessica thought was ecstatic to see her boyfriend return. It also helped the fact that she could prevent them from evicted him/her. Like, we all saw this coming from miles away. This is why you don’t burn bridges with the evicted houseguests unless they walked from the game or you just flat-out can’t stand them. I thought of this as soon as Megan walked away from the game and they didn’t let Cameron re-enter the game right away.


Speaking of Cameron, he is probably kicking himself in the face when he re-watches the episodes and realizes how much he got screwed in the first episode and how close he was to vengeance before letting it all slip away. He was literally beating Cody for most of the competition until Cody realized what worked and won the comp. I hope Big Brother does a second chance season and Cameron is one of the “returning” houseguests so he can get a fair shake at the game.


Paul is running the game right now. 

The fact that the whole house picked Paul proves how much of a dangerous player in the game he is. I hope they go more into their reasoning for it because it just looks like everyone is his bitch and he’s a “puppet master.” He’s in a perfect position right now to win the game if they don’t get him out. Cody and Paul are going to be gunning for each other. The one left standing will have a very high chance of making it to the end. If it’s down to Cody/Paul and Kevin, then I see Kevin being the one to win it all. Hopefully, by then, Kevin doesn’t just float on by not knowing what is going on with his “mojos” and “HOV.” I honestly believe that he’s actually faking all of that. He’s a mastermind. Kevin and Paul are the big threats in the game. I say screw Cody and Jessica and focus on getting them out before it’s too late.


Now that week 3 is in the books. I cannot wait to see what happens next week with the return of Cody and what curse has been placed on the house when Jess accepted the temptation.

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