Top 5ive: Big Brother seasons you need to watch


While we are the midst a summer of temptations with Big Brother 19, there's a lot of down time if you are following the live feeds. So I say, don't use that opportunity let your family know you're still alive and grace them with your presences. Re-watch past Big Brother seasons!

Re-watching past seasons is such an easy thing to do, especially if you have CBS All Access (I'm going to assume you do if you are watching the Live feeds). It lets you see how the game evolved and also helps you keep up on all of the references. Here's a list of seasons that I recommend watching if you don't want to go season by season.

5. Big Brother 2


It's the first season with the format that we know and love. The first season followed the international version of the game, which is actually rather boring to point. While I do recommend watching the first couple of episodes of the first season just to see what it was, Big Brother 2 is just too good. It gave us Dr. Will Kirby, who would go on to become one of the best players in the history of the game, as well as ChillTown, one of the greatest alliances in Big Brother North American history. It's a really great to see how far we came since then.

4. Big Brother 10


After the disaster that was Big Brother 9, Big Brother 10 was a back to basic season that returned to strangers entering the house and having little to minimal twist. This season was all up the houseguest being entertaining and boy, they were. You know you are going to have a great season when you hear an 71-year-old man compare a 24-year-old man to Judas, which is still an iconic line that will live on. This season introduced use to Big Brother Legends Dan Gheesling, who won this season, and Jesse Godderz, who we've seen more time during the last couple of season of Big Brother than anyone would want to see. Anyways, this season is just a great season from a cast perspective.

3. Big Brother 8


This season is only notable for the winner and the runner-up: Evel Dick and Daniele Donato. They started the game not knowing they would end up playing together and having big targets on their back, to literally making it to the end. The father and daughter  team was estranged before entering the house and the game brought them together. Evel Dick was literally the most entertaining person in the house that season. He terrorized the houseguest and then Daniele would go smooth things over with them. At one point, Dick and Daniele was on the block. Dick won the veto and used on Daniele and got the alliance to turn on the their pawn. I miss those days.sigh.

2. Big Brother 7 aka Big Brother All-Stars


It was the best of the best competing from the first six seasons of the show. It was great and amazing. It will probably be the only all-star season we get but it will go down infamy. It gave many of our favorite players to come back into the game and try their hand at it again. It was great season with a lot of strategy and backstabbing. It also was the first to feature Big Brother Slop. Before this, they would force the houseguest to eat Peanut Butter and Jelly.

1. Big Brother 6


The single best season in the history of Big Brother USA. Hands down. It was the most entertaining and chaotic. It has the longest competition in North American Big Brother history. It also spawned iconic lines and moments as well as legends. It was kind of reboot of the game as it was a brand new house. It also gave us the iconic theme song that we hear every week, or everyday on the live feeds. Big Brother 6 was a house divided with bitter tensions and fierce competition that  made for good television and live feeds. I cannot tell you how good this season was.

Honorable Mention: Big Brother: Over the Top


The first internet season of Big Brother in the world, it's something you just need to check out. It's only 10 episodes long and features a lot of drama, twists, and Julie Chen saying Shit. Just hearing Julie Chen say shit is reason enough to watch the season. While It was way more entertaining live, mainly because you literally saw everything, it's still a great season that kept everything interesting and divided people just as much as the presidential election that happened at the same time.

Honorable Mention: Big Brother 14


This season is only on this list because for two reasons: Dan Gheesling and Wil Heuser. Wil didn't make it far on the show but he has been giving amazing parodies of the every Big Brother USA season since which have been way better than the actual season. During his time on the show, his Diary Room sessions were hilarious and he was just an entertaining houseguest. You need to also watch for Dan Gheesling and the amazing game he played. He already won the game but then re-entered to coach a team of new houseguest. It wasn't until a few weeks into the game that we re-entered the game as a houseguest. He played a flawless game and really should have won the game for a second time. The only reason he didn't win was for the fact that the jury was bitter because he literally screwed them all out of the house.

Honorable Mention: Big Brother Canada


Our neighbors to the north have their own version of Big Brother and it's literally better than the last few years of Big Brother USA. It's the same format that we know and love but done it way that makes it fresh and just better. There's plenty of ways you can watch past seasons if you don't live in Canada online. If you are going to watch Big Brother Canada, then I recommend all of them with Big Brother 5 as the strongest and best so far. All of them a good (Big Brother 3 is a clusterfuck) with a lot of iconic moments. If you thought that Big Brother USA was petty, Big Brother Canada is the pettiest of them all.

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