Big Brother 19: Week 5 recap


Drama. Betrayal. Fucking assholes. It’s time for another recap of the game we all love and are addicted to. Welcome to probably one of the most hectic weeks in the history of the show…and Julie Chen stole that line from me. It's so hectic that I'm skipping over week 4.

This week was soo good. Here's the breakdown of week 4:

  • Jessica won HOH and POV
  • She nominated with Josh and Ramses; Josh was the target
  • Paul flipped the house on her and Ramses was evicted.

With the anointing of Paul as Head of Household, Jessica decided to slay the world by telling the world that she has the temptation and that is where it hit the fan. Pretty much this week was a shit show of how these houseguests are literally letting Paul win this season. Like, they have no backbone.

These houseguests are literally letting him control their actions. Paul pretty much sent them to attack both Cody and Jessica to the point of harassment and bullying. There were only two of them that thought it wasn't the right thing to do: Matt and Mark. Out of those two, Matt was the only one to say something. That right there is what's wrong with society today. People would rather fly under the radar and just let stuff like that happened. If more people would stand up to that, then they wouldn't stand out.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of things that Cody and Jessica have done in the house that aren't great but they didn't deserve this. Ever wonder why they are secluded from the rest of the house? Maybe it could be the fact that they were all screaming at them and just being trashy human beings.

During the harassment of two houseguests, I was glad to see that Raven's disease doesn't stop her from talking trash as well as looking like it. Pretty much, the entire houseguest got into a screaming match with Jessica and Jessica left the entire thing looking like a badass. I'm also tired of Josh crashing pots and pans. Oh, if you want a good laugh, I highly recommend search #RavenExposedParty because the internet is on to her game.

What started this? The fucking veto ceremony where Paul didn't remove Jessica in order to prove to her she's safe. He removes Jason, who was only the third nominee because he lost the temptation competition. Paul was felt like Jessica and Cody shitted on the game and him by not doing a traditional veto speech. Don't worry, Jason's speech where he pretty much shitted on Cody was acceptable. This house is just one big hypocritical fest.

Jessica used to the Halting Hex and stopped the eviction that saved her and Cody from eviction. Paul looked pissed off because his second HoH was a waste. Then magically at the end of the spell, they are all kissing Jessica's ass about how cool that was, which it was just disgusting. Literally four days early, they were harassing them to the point where they were going to self-evict. Fuck you guys is what I would have said more than likely.

At this point in the game, Paul is playing the best game but. He has the house under his control and is using them to do his bidding. He just looks like a horrible human being while doing it. He's on his way to winning because no one besides Jessica and Cody is going to nominate him. Once they get out Cody and Jessica, it going to be a super boring season. Here's how I could get him out: Nominate Alex and Kevin. Have the POV used to save Alex and then put Paul up against Paul. No one will vote out Kevin. There you go. Oh, and you do it on a Double Eviction night. This pretty much me to the majority of the house this season:

There was other things that happened but they weren't as important. I'm just over this season from a faith in humanity standpoint. Here is some thing to ponder for next time: When will Christmas use her temptation?

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