Movie Review: ‘In A Heartbeat’

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Unless you have living under a rock in the last couple of days, there is a movie short that has been taking the world by storm due to the fact that it took a topic that has been seen in so many movies and made it relevant to way more people. It also made people extremely pissed off.

“In A Heartbeat” is a short film that is about two young boys that fall in love. It follows Sherwin, who try to control and hide his feeling for his classmate, Jonathon, as his heart jumps out of his chest and try to help. It helps and ends up getting broke in half when Sherwin run away after being embarrassed by their classmates staring at them. The movie ends with Jonathon finding Sherwin hiding behind the bushes, returning the other half of his heart and falling in love. Literally, their hearts become one. It’s rather cute and adorable.

The story main point of the story that your heart wants what it wants and you can’t fight who you love. You can’t control who you fallen in love just like you can’t control what your how tall you are or anything like that. You also shouldn’t hide your feeling s or be ashamed of them because there’s nothing wrong with loving someone of the same gender.

It’s an adorable film that really pulls at your heart-strings. While there isn’t any dialogue, there doesn’t really need to be because it speaks for itself. It uses the music to fill in for the words and set the tone when it needs to be. It’s really heart wrenching towards the end when Sherwin runs away in embarrassment due to his fear that his classmates will judge him.

This isn’t some gay propaganda that is trying to turn your children into homosexuals.  You just can’t flip a switch and be Gay or Transgender. You are born that way. Besides, it they become gay just by watching this short, then their switch was all ready there.

It’s a movie that give representation to the LGBTQ community in a positive way. If you are a child that is gay, there isn’t anything that you can relate to on a “oh, I can see myself in that situation.” Everyone can relate to it but it’s just nice to see it get changed up instead of it just being a male/female relationship.

”In A Heartbeat” is a seriously good short film that takes a commonly used trope makes it more relatable to an audience that doesn’t usually get representation. Everything about it is amazing. I hope there’s a sequel because I’m emotionally invested into these two.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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