Big Brother 19: Week 6 recap


Name calling. Deception. I’m pretty much over Paul and this season. It’s been an extremely crazy week as the king of the meatballs is ruling over the house and America’s sweethearts are up on the block. Welcome to another Big Brother 19 recap.

So the week kicked off with Josh winning Head of Household with Christmas, who will now be referred to as other holidays, and Cody coming in second place. This lead to Labor Day happily proclaiming that she is the “Second Place queen.” This statement is what is wrong with this season. Everyone is letting Paul control them and are pretty much playing for the $50,000 instead of the $500,000. But I’ll get to that later.

Me hearing that Josh wasn’t targeting who Paul wanted

Shit hits the fan as Alex tries to throw Mark and Elena under the bus to Paul and his Minions right in front of Mark. They had a long talk before “fixing things” with Mark. Elena and Josh have a talk that results in Josh wanting to evict Elena and not Jessica/Cody. It was like the Big Brother gods opened up and gave us a gift. This is the start of the cracks in Paul’s game. Josh would throw up this plan to Paul and his minions. Paul kept trying to make Jessica the target and you know everyone else agreed because it’s Paul and they are all pretty much sucking his Big Brother dick and getting more blood on their hands for someone who probably won’t do the same for them. After Paul and the rest leave, Arbor Day reminds Josh that it’s his HOH. As much as Arbor Day isn’t my favorite, I’m living for the cracks in the minions.

It’s from here it’s when Jessica pretty much threw away her game. Literally, she threw the Temptation comp and then didn’t really campaign for herself after she lost the veto competition. Sure, she was more likely go home but she still had a chance to stay. She was up against both Elena and Raven, who isn’t very well liked in the house, to begin with. She stood a chance before she decided to get into multiple fights with Josh. While I’m not supporting the name calling that she and Cody called Josh, which pretty much sealed her fate, Jessica went out with a bang.


Elena stating the obvious


I was extremely sad to see Jessica leave the house because she was the best part of an entirely predictable cast of idiots. Her speech was iconic for the season. She pretty much called them all idiots. If I was Jessica, I would be very proud of everything that she accomplished in the house. She lasted more weeks than anyone ever thought she would and she did it in a house full of sheep. Now that they made it to Jury, hopefully, we start seeing more moves. If Paul doesn’t go home next week during the Double Eviction then these people are idiots like Jessica said. If they want to prove her wrong, then they need to get him out.

Here’s to hoping that it’s not the Paul show anymore! I have a hunch that it still will be. sigh.

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