Album Review: Kesha released ‘Rainbow’ after four years


It’s finally time! The day that we have been waiting four long years for is here! Kesha Rose Sebert’s new album is here and boy, it’s been something we’ve been wanting and longing for.

“Rainbow” is the most personal album that Kesha has ever put out. It was very obvious with “Praying” but this album is just one just is just powerful with the majority of the songs being ones of empowerment and follow the theme that was presented in “Praying.” That song was about letting go of past and moving forward with your life. And that’s pretty much what almost every song is about. “Rainbow” is kind of Kesha’s way of getting years of pain, frustration, and suffering out and being feeling free and get it all out. She has stated that this album saved her life and you tell that it’s her pride and joy.

This album is a pop record and is kind of a departure from the music she did when she had a $ in her name. There’s nothing like “Tic Tok,” “Blow,” “Die Young,” or “Take it Off” in the sense where it’s not Electro-pop/Dancepop. It’s more of a pop rock feel to all the songs. It’s more noticeable on songs like “Woman,” “Let ‘Em Talk,” “Boots,” and “Boogie Feet.” Those songs feel like a nice blend of Kesha and Ke$ha. It’s even more apparent in “Godzilla,” where she talks about taking him to the mall and meeting her parents, and “Spaceship,” a song about leaving on a spaceship to follow her dreams. Kesha wrote previously wrote a song called “Gold Trans Am,” which is about her vagina. Yeah, Kesha is back.

The album showcases Kesha voice like we have never heard it before. Her vocals are everything on all the songs. The vocals really shine on “Praying” and a cover of “Old Flames Can’t Hold a Candle to You.” The cover is a song that her mother wrote and Kesha actually sang the song with Dolly Parton on Rainbow. Those two just slay the song even more than the original. The lyrics on the songs are also extremely strong with metaphors. All the lyrics are deep and meaningful. The lyrics tell a story and it’s rather refreshing.

“Rainbow” is an album that everyone should listen to. If you didn’t like her music before this, give this album a chance because it’s pretty much a brand new Kesha. It’s the best album that I’ve heard so far this year, and probably Kesha’s best album ever. It’s everything.


Rating: 5 out of 5


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