Movie Review: ‘Spy Kids’

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Since I’m on a movie review kick at the moment, I decided to re-watch a classic movie from my childhood. So let’s dive into the movie that made every child jealous that their parents weren’t spies.

Released in 2001, “Spy Kids” is a spy action/comedy movie that kicked off the four movie franchise (Spoiler: the third and fourth movie suck). The movie follows Carmen and Juni Cortez as they are thrown in the world of espionage when they find out their parents are spies. Their parents are retired spies who come out of retirement when news get to them that their friends in the game have gone missing. Carmen and Juni must adapt and come to the rescue as they go onto a mission in order to save their parents.

This movie is underrated because it’s actually not a horrible movie. In fact, it’s probably the strongest out of the first two films. The acting isn’t horrible at all. The child actors are rather good. When it comes to child actors, it’s usually hit or miss. They are usually bad and totally ruin the scenes/show/movie they are in. But Alexa Vega, now known as Alexa PenaVega, and Daryl Sabara hold their own with the likes of Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino.

Because this film was shot in 2001, the CGI and the effects aren’t anything to go home about. It’s not bad but it could have been a little better for the time. There is also some scenes in public areas where you just shake your head and go WTF? There a scene where the kids fly into the a store and no one even notices it besides on child. Then the villains fly in and still no one notices. Are people just that stupid or is it more of a statement about us as a society?

The ending of the movie is probably the worst part of the movie because it’s just too cheesy. It’s cheesy for the sake of having a moral to the story. We all ready know the moral to the story because it was hidden. It was like they were trying to calling us stupid by saying we didn’t know it just from paying attention to the movie. It was just a dud ending to something that was fine up to this part.

“Spy Kids” is an enjoyable classic that still holds up besides the CGI and effects. The only time this movie gets bad is the lackluster ending that fails to deliver on the hype that carried throughout the movie.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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