Big Brother 19: Mid-Season Breakdown


Showmances. Friendship. Gold diggers. We’ve just hit the midseason mark and this season makes me want to shove my head into a stove. “Big Brother 19” is making season 9 look like a good season and the racist cast of season 15 look slightly more likable. Unlike my weekly recaps, this is my overall review/rankings of what I’m calling one of the worst played seasons of BBUS.


My thoughts watching this season

Let’s get into the major issue with this season: This house is a bunch of idiots and jackasses. Paul walked into the house and has literally controlled all of them besides Cody and Jessica. I don’t hate Paul for the game that he is playing but I hate the house is just letting him literally control their game. It’s to the point where they just literally being his dogs and when he says bark, they bark. The breaking point for me was when Matt was nominated on the block and then used it on someone else just to get Cody out. Like WTF? Why wouldn’t you use it on yourself when you are on the block? I really hope that someone votes to evict Matt for the sheer purpose of freaking him the fuck out. It’s just so frustrating because they aren’t playing for themselves. They are playing to advance themselves but more so Paul. They are all sheep and it’s literally ruining the season. They all are just playing for jury and that’s it.

It’s just so frustrating because they aren’t playing for themselves. They are playing to advance themselves but more so Paul. They are all sheep and it’s literally ruining the season. They all are just playing for jury as well. It’s like once they reach jury, they have hit the holy grail. You really just want to smack them all in the face and make them realize that while making it to jury is good, actually winning the game would be better. You really just want to smack them all in the face, they are all playing horribly.

And you can’t talk about them playing horribly without talking about how horrible they have been to each other in this house. One houseguest walked because of it but that was just the start of it. WE HAD AN ENTIRE HOUSE VS TWO MOB SCENE BECAUSE PAUL TOLD THEM TO DO IT AND TO “DON’T LET THEM GET THEIR SANITY.” This lasted for hours and was the start of it because from there they also attacked Cody’s military service. While this is all going on, Paul is just egging them all. Doing this made them look like trash. Cody and Jessica aren’t also out of the clear for this behavior either but their crap doesn’t look as bad compared to the shit the rest of the house did.

At this point in the game, Paul will be either final three or final two. As much as I would

If only people found this entertaining

like to have him gone during the Double Eviction, I know that isn’t going to happen. Paul has them wrapped around his finger and they are not in a hurry to evict them. While it appears Cody and Jessica have made Mark and Elena woke, it’s still not going happen. It’s suicide for them to try to take out Paul, especially when everyone one they are going to talk to is just going to tell the overload of friendship. If there was more than one returning playing in this season, then Paul wouldn’t be in the position that he is in as well. It probably would have Paul’s side vs the other side, which sounds way more entertaining than Paul’s side, who I call “The Friend-sheep,” vs Cody and Jessica. The fact that there was only one vet is the what is hurting the show. It worked for “Big Brother: Over the Top” because they didn’t give Jason so much power, to begin with. Also, Jason wasn’t an asshole. Paul is coming across as an ignorant asshole. I’m starting to think that Victor was the reason why Paul was so likable last season. This season isn’t doing any favors for Paul in the whole “fan favorite” department. Actually, his whole side is extremely unlikeable.


Pretty much my go to reaction for anything these idiots do anymore

“Big Brother 19” has fallen from grace. Week one was probably the best weeks in BBUS history but it’s now a dumpster fire train wreck with only Kevin and slightly Mark being the last likable ones in the house when Cody is sent to Jury. The only thing that could save this season is Paul going home during the Double Eviction. If they actually get rid of him, then it will be a whole new game. But with these jackasses, that won’t happen. If Paul does go to Final 2 again, I don’t see him winning. Also, he really doesn’t deserve to be in the same category as BB10 winner and BB14 runner-up Dan Gheesling. For those that don’t know, Dan is the only person in North American Big Brother history to make it final two during both of the times he competed on the show, something that not even Dr. Will could accomplish. Paul isn’t in the same category as Dan and never should be. At this point, I want Paul and Raven to go to Final two just so Paul can know he lost to Raven. There’s not really anyone that I want to see in final two. I’d be slightly okay if Mark was there but other than that, I’m pretty much over this season.


On the more positive side of things, we are almost done with this season and it’s time for “The Friend-Sheep” to start eating each other alive. They already got their marching orders from Overload Friendship. sigh. I cannot wait for Big Brother Canada to start back up. At least with Canada, you don’t want to constantly ram your head up against the wall, through a door, and then drink two gallons of bleach in order to make it watchable.

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