Aly & AJ releases their first single in 10 years, ‘Take Me.’ It’s a bop.

Alyaj sm

It’s been 10 years since the sister duo of Aly and AJ Michalka released a single as “Aly & AJ.” They released a banger as 78Violet a couple of years ago. They have decided to give us the song that we’ve all been waiting for and this was my reaction to it:

That’s right, Aly & AJ. It took too long for you to call back and I’m slightly bitter that it took you this long to return in my life. But hey, this is a Potential Breakup Song because my blog doesn’t need one. Also, you follow me on Twitter and I’m forever in love with you two.

“Take Me” is everything I didn’t know that I need in an Aly & AJ. It’s a pure pop song that makes you want to just dance like no one is watching. It a song that just makes you super happy while you listening to it. “Take Me” has an 80s/Electronic pop feel to it as they sing about making a move and not waiting a long ass time because the Michalka sisters ain’t got time for that. There’s also some slight sexual tension in the song. It could just be me but when I heard “If I could sing my teeth into you,” I was like “Damn, I would hate to be the guy that took too long to make a move with Aly & Aj.”

It’s a bop. I thought that “Hothouse” was a jam but “Take Me” really changes the game. The best part is that this is the start of a full album. That’s right, Rejoice because we will have a full length Aly & Aj album. My body can’t handle this wait for this album. The album is also supposed to have a women empowerment theme to it and it sounds like something that the world needs in 2017.

Until the album comes out, I will live through “Take Me” and the entire Aly & AJ library on Apple Music because I bought both of their albums like a true die-hard fanboy.

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