Big Brother 19: Week 8 Breakdown


Blah. Blah. Blah. It’s still the Paul show and I’m pretty much over the game. Let’s talk about this week because frankly, it’s was boring. Welcome to the Boring Brother breakdown.

There’s only so many times you can scream this at your TV. Yes, there’s a caption on the opening GIF

After the double eviction, Paul survived and at this point, you might as well hand over the money to him because frankly, he’s going to win it. And like I said before, really don’t hate the game that Paul is playing but rather I just hate the friendsheep that are literally

My reaction every time they don’t go after Paul

handing him this game. It’s like they totally forgot that he played last year and made it to Final Two last year. Like, how stupid can these people really be? I keep asking this to myself every week and yet, they are continuing to be a bunch of stupid idiots. They are making Cody Calafiore, the stupid idiot from BB16 that gave away $500,000 by choosing Derrick over Victoria that didn’t do anything all game, look like a less of the idiot. But this week on the Paul show, he threw the HOH competition to President’s Day that way his hands stay clean. But really, it’s his HOH. Paul also revealed that he’s playing all the pairs in the house. If he was a better BB player, he would have named his plan “Operation Third Wheel.” All the best plans have operation in the title of them. It’s not a bad plan until they start to talk to each other.

Mark was the one that was evicted this week and I can’t say that he didn’t really deserve it this week because he made probably one of the stupid moves. There’s a new

Yes, you all are

temptation in the game in the form of a tree that grants a person power in the game each week. Mark decided to grab one and received the power to save a friend from the threat of eviction and guess who the big old teddy bear chose…fucking Paul. Now, Paul wasn’t going to be on the block, to begin with. Do you really think that Boxing Day was really going to put him up? Mark should have used it as a way to form an alliance or something like that. I get that it was an attempt to “cover his ass” but it was a horrible idea that really didn’t help him. I do give him props for trying his best to flip the house and not just giving up like Jessica and Cody did after the veto. This was pretty much the major events this week because it was a boring week.


At this point in the game, Kevin is the only person besides Paul that hasn’t been on the block. While he’s going to go up before Paul, he has a really good social game. Alex is going to be in third but she’s looking more like a threat due to her winning. It would be a slightly better end to the season if it was Kevin/Paul/Alex. It would still be a horrible season but it would be the battle of all game styles you see in BB. I’m also still wanting to see Raven/Paul in final two. The thought of him still losing to her warm my hearts.


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