Demi Lovato soars vocally in ‘Tell Me You Love Me’

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Lovatics rejoice everywhere! It appears that Demi Lovato has stopped the teasing and finally shared with the world that she is going to release a new album. While the name of the album is a mouthful, hopefully the album is better than the name.

The promotional single she released for the album’s pre-order is “Tell Me You Love Me.” It’s the closest thing that we will get to Demi taking us to church and single the gospel for us.  The reminds me of something that you would hear at a church. It has that feel to it. The song is also straight fire. The horns in the start of the song is everything. Her vocals are also things that dreams are made of.  They aren’t in your face but still make you go “OMG” because they are that good. It continues the genre switch that Demi did in the first single “Sorry Not Sorry.” Demi’s voice is made for this R&B/Pop hybrid genre she’’s doing. While I will miss Rock Demi, It’s nice to see her improving and changing her sound.

The lyrics are average as they could be better. They tell a story but the chorus just lacks throughout the whole song. It also sounds a lot like “Confident.” It’s mainly in the horns that start at the beginning of the song and throughout it. Not sure if it’s just  coincidence or if this song is the sequel song. It just something I noticed right off of the bat and I kept thinking about that song.

“Tell Me You Love” is a gospel song from the Church of Demi Lovato and it’s everthing. It’s good besides the lyrics and the fact that it sounds too similar to “Confident.” I do want to hear the rest of the album because of this song. I will try if there’s horns in another song because while you can never have too much cowbell, you can have too much horns. You can pre-order her new album of the same name now.

”Tell Me You Love Me” wil be released on September 29th.

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