Taylor Swift goes dark and poppy in new single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

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Oh my lucky stars! It is a wonderful day to be a lover of pop music. So much new music is out and Taylor Swift has returned with her newest single since 2016’s  hit “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.” I love Taylor Swift. She doesn’t love me. Sigh.

”Look What You Made Me Do” is the first single off of her sixth album “Reputation.” THIS SONG IS LITERALLY EVERYTHING. It is so different from anything we have ever heard from Taylor Swift at this point. She pretty much reinvented herself during her hiatus and she is definitely taking her music into a different approach. I’M HERE FOR IT.  If I had to guess, I’m calling it the sequel song to either “Blank Space,” “Bad Blood,” or both. I’m fine with either one honestly because it such a good song.

While “1989” is Taylor Swift first official pop album, this song takes it to another level. The song is just so catchy that you can’t help but just dance and sing-a-long with it. I’ve literally been listening to it on repeat since it came out. I can’t get enough of it because it’s pop perfection at its best. It slayed all the other music that was released this week. It was definitely worth the wait that we had to suffer through. This is the most iconic line from the entire song:

“I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.”


“Oh ’cause she’s dead!”

The song is your revenge anthem for anyone that has done you wrong. Which is fitting because the internet believes that Taylor allegedly wrote the song for her arch rival and future president candidate Kanye West. In case you have been living under a rock, these two haven’t really gotten along since Kayne’s infamous speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards where he hijacked the stage during Taylor’s speech to let her and the world know that Beyoncé should have won Best Female Video. This also got Barack Obama to go call the jackass a jackass. sigh, I miss Barry O. Kanye also wrote a line about Taylor in his song “Famous,” where talks about possible having sex with Taylor because he “made that bitch famous.” This whole Taylor vs Kanye feud is harder to keep up with that his in-laws.

“Look What You Made Me Do” is probably the best song that Taylor has put out yet. It’s different that anything she put out before and it’s a welcome change in a world where artist don’t really take any risk these days. This song shook me to my core. I WANT MORE TAYLOR SWIFT.

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