Taylor Swift mocks herself and shades all in ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ video


Tonight during the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift proved why she gets the last laugh when she premiered the video for her latest single “Look What You Made Me Do.”

The video for the first single off of “Reputation” is pretty much a recap of every feud that Taylor Swift is currently in or formerly in. Directed by Joseph Kahn, he made the previous four Taylor Swift videos as well as the gritty Power/Rangers reboot movie, the music video is literally everything I never knew I wanted in a Taylor Swift video. As soon as it started with a tombstone that read “Here lies Taylor Swift’s Reputation,” I was shook.

Throughout the video, it follows Taylor in the house from her “Blank Space” video as she has a killer dance break like Beyoncé, wrecks her car as the paparazzi captures the moment, becomes a fan of S&M, and other things. Each scene in the video seems to reference a feud that she was in. It’s hard and rather funny to guess who catch one is about. The video’s main themes were power, betrayal, and reputation. All of which is heavily featured in really creative and fun ways.A

The best part? The interactions between all the former Taylor Swift personas. She hinted toward the Kayne shade when had one of the personas called another a bitch and then the 2008 VMA one ended the video with the most iconic line that Taylor said when she “found out” that she was a part of Kayne’s song “Famous.” It’s the quote in the opening gif. Literally the best quote ever! Taylor also quote what he critics said about her in the video in a little bit of humor. It was nice to see her say that she’s aware of what they are saying about her.

”Look What You Made Me Do” video proves that while the song is being polarizing, Taylor Swift can still put out a kickass video and snatch some edges from people who hate her.

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