Sofia Carson falls in love with attractive guy in ‘Ins and Outs’ video

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Love is wicked sometimes

It’s looks like “Disney’s Descendants” star Sofia Carson released a new music video for her newest single “Ins and Outs.” Besides how wonderful Sofia looks, the music video is something really make you want to go “this date seems really sketch.” But this is just a music video, nothing sketchy at all about it if it is in a music video.

Like the song itself, “Ins and Outs” video is simple and at the same time it’s enough to keep your interest. The song itself is extremely catchy and has a great beat that isn’t too much. The beat isn’t simple and keeps it light. It shows off Sofia’s vocals extremely well. The lyrics are classic pop lyrics that are catchy will get caught in your head. The lyrics are all about learning about someone and wanting to know all about them.

The video just follows Sofia and her extremely attractive model doing what everyone does when going on dates in New York City: explore abandon and empty Subway stations in between the traveling through dark alleys. That sounds safe right? Apparently Sofia and her hunky man never heard what happened to Batman’s parents.

All of Sofia’s outfits in the video are pretty much flashy and kind of have this “look at me I’m the star vibe to them.” Don’t get me wrong, all of her outfits are nice and Sofia does look extremely fierce in those outfits but they were just a bit too much. Especially for a date. I get that you want to impress on a date but it’s a little bit too much. Evie wouldn’t have dressed her that flashy, just saying.

Here’s the video for “Ins and Outs” for your enjoyment and pleasure:

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