Rebecca Black dropped a new bop called ‘Heart Full of Scars’


I see what you did there Rebecca..Bravo

On Friday, or yesterday if you are reading this on Saturday, the queen of the YouTubes, Rebecca Black, released her newest single off of her newest EP “RE/BL,” which is out on Sept 15. But you already knew that if you read the title of this post.

”Heart Full of Scars” is something that is came completely out of left field and it’s everything. It’s a Bop, plain and simple. It’s continuing on what her previous single did and takes her music in a more mature route. This song has an “E” next to it in iTunes so you know what that means: EXPLICT REBECCA BLACK! It’s first a little shocking just because you aren’t really expecting her to say fuck and bitch. It’s not like she’s being Regina George and just throw them around like pages from the burn book because she can. She’s doing in a classy way to where it’s not throughout the song and to the point where she’s alienating her fan base by going “Look, I’m an adult that can say fuck!”

The song has a killer beat that you can jam out to easily. It’s not a heavy dance beat and it’s a welcome gift when literally every song these days “drop that bass.” The lyrics even have a meaning to them that anyone can relate to. The song is about caring what people think about you and just being/doing you. While “Friday” will hold a special place in my heart, I truly live for this Rebecca Black. Like, I want more of this Rebecca because she’s just a joy.

If you can, preorder Rebecca’s EP on iTunes. I highly recommend it because it’s a treat so far if “Foolish” and “Heart Full of Scars” are any indication.

Here’s “Heart Full of Scars” for you to take a listen:

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