BOP ALERT! Taylor Swift releases a new song ‘…Ready For it’


Someone call the police, Taylor just slayed me

Just when we thought we were lucky enough to enjoy just one song from Taylor Swift, she decided to spring a new song on us and I wasn’t ready for this surprise song. My BODY wasn’t ready for this surprise song.

“…Ready For It” is the first song off of her upcoming album “Reputation” and it’s what I like to call the best of both worlds. It’s like “Look What You Made Me Do” but also has a slight “Old Taylor” feel to it. It’s definitely happier and poppy than “Look” but it’s also very dark. Taylor is definitely going with this whole dark side to her, which I’m guessing is that she no longer knits sweater but dark Taylor knits fingerless gloves.

The song also songs like a remix of her song “Wildest Dreams” with some sort of electronic song that will literally kill your headphones/eardrums within the first 5 seconds of the song. It also shows that she can spit some mad rhymes. Sure, it’s not like hardcore rap but she is holding her own for the most part especially for someone who doesn’t rap.

It’s also rather impressive how Taylor is pretty much reinventing her music and creating this new image of herself, regardless of how you feel about her music. I’m pretty much pumped for this new era in the career of Taylor Swift. I’m all for dark Taylor Swift.

Here’s the song for your ears. Don’t wear headphones:

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