Big Brother 19: Week 10 Breakdown


It’s a double eviction week and Paul is still there..sigh

It’s time for another Big Brother Breakdown as it was double eviction week and only two weeks left in the game. THANK GOD! I’m just over this entire season. Tonight, there were plenty of blindsides that actually made this episode slightly tolerable. But then it became less tolerable because this is still the house that Paul

I now understand why Cody left. They are horrible. 

Probably should just hand Paul the money all ready

At the end of the night, Paul made it to Final five. Like I’ve said in the past, I don’t dislike


him because this bunch of idiotic assholes follow him around like he’s the second coming of Jesus. I just dislike how dirty he is playing this game. For every great move that he does, he makes 100 mistakes that should totally blow up his game if he was in another house. Like his plan to evict Jason was the dumbest thing in the world. Yeah, I get that it was to keep his hands clean but it was just bad. Like, he won the veto when he really didn’t need to and then removed Alex, who is the bigger threat out of Jalex, so he could blindside them with a tie vote and Thanksgiving to break it and evict Alex. Then, there’s an extremely fake and overly acted scene between him and Josh that everyone believed because they are assholes and idiots.

Jason realized he got screwed when it was too late

Laugh now Alex, you are next

The best part of this blindside was the fact that Jason didn’t know he got screwed until his goodbye messages were Josh revealed EVERYTHING to him and Paul made up a lie. He was so pissed off, I think he’s a bitter juror and one bitter juror will make more bitter juror. Josh literally blew up Paul’s game without Paul knowing about it. The best part of the night was when Jason dragged Paul on his morals and friendship, and he wasn’t wrong at all. Too bad that it was a little too late. Jason started to play toward the end of his run but he never realized that Big Brother isn’t a team sport, unless it was Big Brother 9 or Big Brother 13 in the beginning of the season but that’s neither here nor there. Alex has a target on her back now and Paul is using her as a human shield. Alex’s, and the house’s, best move is to drop Paul but they should have done that when his power rang out. It’s funny that Production is now letting that all hang out. It makes it so much better

Josh is America’s only hope-God help us all

You made a bad move, Meatball

This was the week that Josh became America’s Sweetheart because he finally realized what Paul is up to. The worst part about this that there isn’t anything he could really do because 1) He’s afraid to and 2) Paul’s dogs will kill him and he’ll be the next to go. Instead of trying to be sly, he just did what Paul told him to. Including winning the POV during the double eviction and not using it to even take a shot at Paul. Josh also spent the episode crying. We’ll find out why once Sunday’s episode airs but I think he’ll regret not using it in the long run. Alex could have nominated Paul and while I’m glad that Raven is gone, I would rather have it be Paul. The best way to get him out is this week. Nominate him and Alex, both strong players. If one wins POV, then they can’t save the other. It would also lead to a tie. HOH, hopefully, Kevin/Josh, will break it and send him home.

Raven was finally evicted

This gif sums up my thoughts on Raven being evicted. She’s been a pain in the ass since the start of Maven. I’m also tired of all her complaining and talking about diseases that she may or may not actually have. Anyways, here’s the gif:

Odds on winning

When they realize they lost $500,000 because they are stupid

I’m fully invested in Josh winning this game even though I don’t want to. Whoever gets Paul out, if they do, will be the clear winner of the game. I also see Paul getting screwed again by a bitter jury. I’m okay with this. I really am. I hope that it’s Josh or Alex that win. While Alex made dumb moves, she’s the most deserving after Josh. Josh needs to win the next HOH in order to be at Alex. Hopefully he finally puts Paul up. He’s not going to but I can hope. Next week will be the final Big Brother Breakdown until Celebrity Big Brother as I’ll be doing a season review after the finale night. Since there are two evictions next week, I’ll be covering both in one article because this season isn’t worth two articles in one week. God, I cannot wait for this season to end.

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