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Get ready to be shook

It’s time for the hardest Top 5ive in the history of the world because all of Taylor Swift’s singles are such national treasures. But like everything these days, It’s time for me to pick out the best and the favorites. This is a chore but it needs to be down. This is Top 5ive is dedicated to the memory of Old Taylor because she was a treat. Rest In Peace Old Taylor.

5. “Shake It Off”

What.A.Bop. It’s was the first official single in the pop genre for Taylor and also was probably the most entertaining one as it was just Taylor trying to be something that she wasn’t during the entire song. It was pretty much her telling you to shake off the haters. She was adorkable in the entire video, as you can see from the gif above. “Shake it Off” is just so damn catchy. I remember singing it for days after it came out.

4. “Teardrops On My Guitar”

Remember country Taylor? She was adorable and loveable, especially in her first single to really explode. “Teardrops on My Guitar” was such a depressing song about a boy named Drew that totally clueless that she loved him as he told her about his girlfriend. She literally had teardrops on her guitar. Don’t worry, he finally realized when the song was a hit and she denied him. Karma. It also gave us “Pop Mix” of the song that was actually less depressing and a tad bit better. Personally, I’ll take both versions of the song. It’s a a jam.

3. “Mine”

”Speak Now” will ‘Forever and Always’ be in the top two Taylor Swift album in the history of the world. If you have not heard this album completely, then what are you doing with your life? Anyways, “Mine” is your typical Taylor Swift love song that actually got extremely deep and started to show how much deeper her songs where getting. Also, the music video featured a relationship blossom from start to finish, including all the bad times as well. Taylor Swift singing in a forest of hanging pictures is iconic. Taylor Swift is just iconic to begin with.

2. “You Belong with Me”

This song and video were literally everything when it came out. You couldn’t escape the song and then the video was all over because it was an extremely well done music video. Who didn’t have a friend/neighbor that you had a huge crush on and you wanted them to notice you and date you? Don’t lie, we all had one or two….or three. There’s s nothing wrong with that. Also, brunette Taylor was like extremely hot. If being an adorable spunky blonde doesn’t do it for Taylor, she can definitely pull off being a brunette.

1. “Love Story”

There’s nothing not iconic about this song. This song is literally the best that she has done. It’s relatable and addictive. Her family and friends didn’t like her boyfriend and didn’t want her to see him so Taylor did what she does best: Write a hit song about it and base it off of Romeo and Juliet. The video was so visual appealing and just stunning as it showed Taylor and her “man” falling in love during two different time periods, which just makes you go “awwwww.” “Love Story” is such an amazing song. Her best so far.

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