Big Brother 19: Week 11 Breakdown


I cannot believe this is almost over

Well, it finally has come to this. It’s time for the final Big Brother Breakdown. Thank Julie Chen that this shit is finally coming to an end. I don’t know about you but I’m totally over everything, which I’ll tell you about in the season review next week. But let’s get into what was the most uneventful week of the season.

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Remember when the last week wasn’t so rushed

Before I get into the actual events, let’s talk about how rushed everything was. This week was probably the single most rushed week in the history of BB. Before the episode that aired on Sunday, there were four episodes left (including the finale) and they literally blew threw them in a matter of three days. They weren’t even that good of episodes. Like Thursday’s was just two jury segments and a rushed nomination and veto. I get there is only four of them left but I still want to see their reactions to it all. Don’t rush it because I don’t want a fucking clip show. I’d rather have a jury show than listening to them reminiscing about the “fun times.” This season blew, I’m good without a fucking clip show.

Raven was the real puppet master…..BAHAHA

Why does Raven think she was a puppet master? Probably drugs

I hope you are sitting down when we read that because it’s true. The majority of the second episode of the week was about what’s happening in the Jury house, which they just need to give us Jury feeds. When Raven reached the house and they watched her DVD, and she revealed to everyone that she and Paul were the calling the shots and she was the puppet master, along with Paul. I know, right! I literally started busting out laughing because that was hilarious. Has Raven been taking some of Arbor Days’ meds or is she really that crazy? In what world does she think she played a good game? She and Matt were too busy with each other than actually playing the game? How is that a good game? Everyone’s reaction to this was also amazing because they weren’t having it as well.


There’s a bitter jury in the house

If the Alex and Jason’s evictions were any indications, I have a feeling that this will be a

My reaction to Matt and Raven thinking they are Big Brother Legends

bitter jury. Kevin will probably be the least bitter just because he really didn’t care to begin with and whenever it was revealed that Paul and Joshmas had a final three deal, he was just like “ehhh, it’s just a game.” Kevin is going to vote by who the played the game while the rest will be like “fuck you” to Paul more than likely. Matt and Raven are literally just in their own world and I’ve never realized how over them I am until Matt arrived at Jury and keeps trying to explain his stupidity.


Josh keeps blowing up Paul’s game in the goodbye messages and it’s going to win the game if he can get Paul out before final two. Paul’s jury management has been horrid this season. He thinks he is covering his tracks but he’s just making it worse. He had bad jury management last season as well but this season just is cringy. Like, did he not learn anything from Nicole?

Odds on winning

Is it really something we need to go over again? It’s Paul. It’s pretty much Josh vs Paul in the final HoH comp as Christmas can’t really compete in anything. Paul would be stupid to throw this any portion of this but I’ve been saying this about all the comps they threw this season. I do see Paul throwing the Endurance part to Christmas if she’s playing in it because Christmas is thirsty for Paul’s “Friendship” and will take him to the end. I hope that this does happen and Josh beats Paul in the second part because then it will be all Josh.

More than likely though: Josh vs Paul, Paul wins HoH and just evict Josh. Paul beats Christmas. I really just don’t want anywhere near the final two. Yes, he deserves it but the way he played wasn’t anything to be proud of. I really want Josh to win because it’s like picking which STD you want because either way, it’s going to suck.

Big Brother Breakdown will be back for the first edition of Celebrity Big Brother US, and more than likely Big Brother Canada 6, which is the superior of the North American Big Brothers. Make sure you check in next week for my honest review of this season. Spoiler: it’s not going to be pretty.


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