Nick Jonas thirsty in a desert in ‘Find You’ Video

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Nick Jonas takes being thirsty to another level

Just when you couldn’t think Nick Jonas can’t be any hotter…he decides to film a music video at a fucking desert. That’s right. Nick Jonas is thirsty for love in the metaphorical desert that is finding love. Oh, here’s a gif to add to the thirstinest. You’re welcome for it:

”Find You” is a much better song than what we were given when he did that song with Mike Posner and that one chick. The song seduces you with it the first couple of bars with the sweet sound of the guitar. It’s definitely not the usual R&B music that we have expected from him. It’s actually is rather good, unless you are expecting a banger. It’s like that last song of the summer where you are looking for your summer lover but can’t find them. It also have this nice breezes and summery feel to the entire song. It’s just like the song is trying to seduce you. I’m all for music seducing you. It took awhile for the song to grow on me just because I still had this bad taste in my mouth from the previously mentioned song. “Find You” is a sexy bop. It’s bring sexy back and the others don’t know how to act.

Now the music video is literally just Nick Jonas wandering though a desert looking for a party/the girl of his dreams. I’m guessing he’s on just one big acid trip because it goes from sandy wasteland to beach bunny paradise in a matter of seconds. This just literally him for the entire video and it works. Mainly because it’s literally in the title of the song that he is looking for someone.

Now the most concerning portion of the video is the fact that Nick is wearing a hoodie with a jean jacket over top with a pair of jeans. He’s wearing in the middle of the day while walking in the desert. How the hell is he not sweating his balls off in that? While he looks cool, he’s probably hallucinating the beach party because he’s suffering from a heat stroke. “Find You” is all about him suffering from a heat stroke.

“Find You” is an amazing bop that is a great way to end the summer. It’s a breeze bop  that seduces you with it’s beat and the lyrics. Nick Jonas is going back to his seductive ways with his music. I’m totally okay with that. Q

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