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Let that bitter tea flow

Well, it finally has come to this. We have crowned a new winner of Big Brother USA. This will be an overall review of the season that is probably the worst since BB9. It was the worst final three since BB15. I’m glad that this season is over and I’m glad that the pain is finally over. So let’s talk about this season ruined the America franchise for thousands. Yep, this season was that bad.

Cheers to the tea that I will spill in this article

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The Rise and Fall of Friendship

America’s reaction to Paul losing again

The most satisfying ending to this entire season was Paul losing again. While Paul played a good game, he forgot about one important aspect: jury management. Paul screwed over all of the jury members to get to where he was. Josh outplayed him when it came to jury management. While Paul was trying to not get blood on his hand, Josh was very upfront with everyone. He’s goodbye messages was probably what ruined Paul’s game. Paul overplayed when it came to lying, backstabbing, and just being shady. Josh kept it real while Paul was sharping his knives and sliding them in when he was least expecting it.

Paul’s game started to unravel with the eviction of Alex and Jason. If he didn’t blindside them, then he would have won the game because he knew that they were going to vote the same. Josh’s goodbye message to Jason helped unravel it more as it made him look shadier. It wasn’t until tonight when Paul’s game went down the tube. During the jury questions, Paul gave them fake and rehearse answers where he continued to deny the backstabbing that they were all aware of. But then he totally took credit for it during his speech before votes. If he would have grown a pair and just owned up to it, he could have won. He also really didn’t need to play so hard. I get that he was playing for a purpose of not repeating what happened last season but he will even admit that he took too much risk that really didn’t need to happen.

The jury is slightly bitter

Don’t worry Jillian, It’s bad

If CBS was to make a spinoff of BB with it just being what happens in the Jury house, they would make some serious money because that Jury roundtable was EVERYTHING. Literally, you can cut the tension with the knife. This is also where you will have a divide on why Paul lost. I’ve looked on all social media outlets and it’s pretty much split down the middle. Some are saying that the jury was bitter and they were just pissed off that they got played. Others will say what I said above, it was poor jury management. While the majority of them were salty, they all had slightly valid points. Minus Raven and Matt, they really are just the worst casting choice in all of Big Brother, both US/Canada and worldwide.

I like to think it a mixture of both. Because of the lies and the backstabbing out of nowhere, they were bitter because of how they were told about it. There was no jury management to stop them from feeling this. Paul was too worried about making himself look good and losing again that he didn’t take the time to make sure they didn’t feel the way that did. He also wasn’t good at jury management last season either. If he would have taken the time to say “no hard feelings, I had to do what I had to do,” or something to that effect, they probably would have swallowed it a little better than they did. But instead, Paul was too worried about clean hands. Was the clean hands worth kissing $500,000 out the door?

Overall thoughts on the Season

You guys are in for a rude awakening

While you can probably guess my thoughts, this season was a dud season. Having one vet in the house really ruined the season. It also didn’t help that this season was a bunch of idiotic assholes who worshiped the ground he walked on. It also didn’t help that production tried to help Paul win by reusing comps he won last year and twist that are in his favor. While I’m not blaming Paul for this, it just ruined a season that started off strong before it became a flop. On the Big Brother US rating scale, this season is one of the worst in history. While the finale was a very fitting end, I highly enjoyed Paul losing and Cody getting America’s Favorite Player, it wasn’t enough to save the season. These houseguests were bullies, said very controversial things, and were just plain dicks are in for a rude awakening on the outside. I think a lot of them will regret what they said. If I had to give this season a rating, it would 2 out of 5 and that’s me being generous. It was entertaining but mainly for the wrong reasons. I also found out that most people tuned out once Jessica and Cody were eliminated as they were the only two to call Paul out, to begin with. They proved to Jessica that they are bigger idiots than what she thought.

Big Brother US needs to take notes from its sister series from the north because it’s frankly the stronger show. Fan outcry saved the show from being on hiatus. That’s how good it is. They also just need to let things happen in the game. I’m frankly tired of constant twist being thrown out to help certain houseguests from Production. I hope BB20 is an All-Star season because it’s time for a true All-Star season. But please don’t include Paul. While I would love to see him get taken down a peg, I’m done seeing him play the game. And if it’s not All-Stars, I’ll settle for USA vs Canada.

Big Brother Breakdown will return for Celebrity Big Brother and then for Big Brother Canada. I swear that Big Brother Canada is more enjoyable than this shit we get in the USA. Until then, enjoy this clip of epicness from Big Brother Canada:


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