Movie Review: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ remake shines like a rose


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I know that I’m late on this train but I finally got around to watching the brand new live-action “Beauty and the Beast.” Like any movie that I watch, I’ve decided to write a review of it because as an avid fan of the original Disney animated movie, I have some thoughts that I want to share. And yes, I’ll also talk about this as well, like it really matters.

So if you have seen the original animated movie, then you have pretty much seen this movie. It’s literally just a copy and paste of the original movie script with some added new songs and scenes to help expand on the movie a little bit longer. They also changed some of the aspects of it because it’s live-actions. The cartoon aspects of it sightly wouldn’t have made sense in a live-action setting.

The story follows Belle, a smart headstrong girl from a little village, as she meets a snobby and stubborn prince that was turn into a hideous beast. The prince must fall learn to love and be loved before the petals of a magical rose fall off, or he will stay as a beast forever. Like the prince, his servants were turned into household items as they serve him. While being held captive by him, Belle begins to bring out the good and warm the Beast cold heart.

The live action movie is actually rather good. The length, while really long, allows it to expand on things that were hardly brought up in the movie itself. Like we actually see what caused the prince to be turned into the beast. It’s still the same opening monologue like in the animated movie, but instead of the stain glass pictures, it’s acted out in front of you. Other scenes like that were spliced in there, along with totally new scenes that just help tell the story more. It’s actually blended well with the original scenes, that you can’t even tell.

All of your favorite numbers from the animated movie are in the remake. They are all done extremely well. Emma Watson, who wasn’t particularly known for being a singer, pulled it off well. “Be Our Guest” and “Beauty and the Beast” were my favorite out of the all of the musical numbers. They really showed how much effort was put into make the film close to the animated one as they possible could.

The downside with this being a remake was the fact that it was literally just a word by word, scene by scene carbon copy of the 1991 animated film. While they shouldn’t fix what isn’t broke, it would have been nice to have there was a difference. When I was watching, it just felt like I’ve all ready seen this movie. It’s still a good movie, but it’s just extremely predictable because it’s just a carbon copy of the 1991 animated film.

Now let’s spill some tea on the homosexuality in the movie that had thousands of people freaking out instead of the fact that a women falls in love with an animal. Sigh. If you didn’t want this movie “turning your child too gay,” don’t worry-your child has more of chance to date your pet than that. There’s hints of it during the movie but there’s only like four seconds of any LGBTQ+ that is bluntly in your face. There’s no way that a few seconds of two guys waltzing and a guy wearing a dress and working it that will cause your child to become gay. So you can rip up your check for conversion therapy because “Beauty and the Beast” will not force you to start praying the gay away. Spoiler: it wouldn’t have worked anyways.

If you are looking a great movie to watch or you love the original movie, then “Beauty and the Beast” is the move for you. Sure, you’ve seen it before when it was animated, but the live-action version adds more to the story that the animated didn’t. It’s literally a carbon copy remake and that is where the films falls. If you seen the original, then you don’t really need to see this one. I do recommend seeing it as it’s a joy.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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