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Don’t tell your mother

Originally published back in 2015, It’s time that I update this list in honor of Demi’s new album being released tomorrow. On this week’s Top 5ive, I’m counting down the top 5ive singles of Demi Lovato.

Without further ado, here’s the top 5ive:

5. Don’t Forget

Who can forget this song? (see what I did there?) It was a single off of her debut album of the same name and it was pretty much a masterpiece of feeling and music. From the synths and the guitar melodies in the beginning to the rocking middle, the song is something that makes your ears happy to listen too. The music video was also something that was also amazing! Demi rocking out with the fountain behind her changing colors and going cray-cray is just iconic.

4. Here We Go Again

One of the first real hits of Demi. It was the first sign that Demi was more than just a Disney Channel Darling. She could actually produce music that was more than just for the DC, which heavily promoted the song in-between shows. It was her best-selling single until “Skyscraper” came out in the 2010s.  It was the right amount of rock and roll to make the song catchy and cool. Pretty much, it’s the perfect single to come out for Demi.

3. Heart Attack

It’s the single that introduced us to the less family friendly version of Demi Lovato. This Demi was a mixture of Pop and Rock and boy, did she kick a lot of ass. So did “Heart Attack” when it was released. It was like “Here We Go Again” had a child and this was that child. Demi slayed the vocals on the song and pretty much killed everyone’s ears–in a good way.

2. Skyscrapper

While the song came from the album “Unbroken,” and the album kind of sucked, but the song is a rather amazing song. It’s realest song Demi has done as she began to start to cry during the song and it just adds to the depth of the song and makes the listener feel something when they listen to Demi’s vocals on the song.

1. Cool For The Summer

This song is pretty much just one entire jam. You can’t help but rock out to this song. The lyrics are catchy af, the chorus pumps you up, and the fact that you can’t tell your mother about kissing one another just makes it a bop. If this song isn’t on your summer playlist, then you aren’t doing summer right at all. Click here for my review of it.

Honorable Mention: This is Me

While I normally don’t count songs like these as “singles,” I’m going to make exception because this song is the reason we are having a Top 5ive countdown of Demi. It made her a household name and put her career on the map. Sure, the movie was slightly popular and she really hasn’t done anything popular since but it’s rather good song. Like most of her songs, it’s relatable.

Honorable Mention: Sorry Not Sorry

Everyone needs to have a FU song. This is Demi’s FU song. It’s a rather good FU song. Click here for my review of it.

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