Louis Tomlinson gets honest about life ‘Just Like You’


He’s just a normal kid

Liam should take notes from Louis. Liam is still singing the same old fucking song that’s been out since May while Mr. Louis is on this third solo single. Oh, Liam. sigh. Anyways, Louis Tomlinson released another single.

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While it’s not as catchy as “Back to You”, that song is still a motherfucking jam, “Just Like You” is a nice little slow bopper. The song is all about his struggle with being famous and how he is just like you, hence the name of the song. It’s an extremely open and honest song that is refreshing.

The lyrics are just talking about how he is just the same as his fans and that he shouldn’t be put on a pedestal and worshipped like a god because he’s “famous.” That’s the refreshing part of the song. It just him speaking the truth and just shooting the breeze. It also has this really nice beat that is just relaxing and doesn’t overpower the lyrics. It just flows really well all together.

Louis just needs to release his album already because from the last three singles, it sounds like it’s going to be a smash. Especially if there is more like “Just Like You” and “Back to You.”


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