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Drama, lies, betrayal, with a hint of incest

The CW has added another show to its overly dramatic lineup with the reboot of the 1980s drama known as “Dynasty.” The show is strategically after “Riverdale,” because the CW is looking to ruin our souls with the intense and insane amount of drama. Before I dive into it, I’ve never seen the original series. I want to but I don’t want it to ruin/change anything about the reboot. With that statement out-of-the-way, It’s time to discuss my thoughts on the first episode of “Dynasty.”

“Dynasty” follows the Fallon Carrington and her family as it pretty much hits the fans. Her brother, Steven, doesn’t get along with his father, Blake, and he and his sister try to maneuver through the chaos that their father creates as he tries to take his business to new grounds and corporate conquest. It’s a very hard show to explain but that’s the overall plot of it, even though I feel like I’m missing a part of it.

The show is extremely well done. It keeps you engaged while also keeping you on your toes. Just from the first episode, there was a bunch twist and turns that make me go “holy shit.” It was a very intense show. Like the first 20 minutes, there was a lot of sex and lies. Within the first couple of minutes, Liz Gillies, who plays Fallon, was getting oral sex in the back of her limo at the airport by her limo driver. Yeah, as soon as that happened, I knew it was going to be a good hour of TV.

This family is fucked up to the core. Like their father was using his children as pawns to get business deals. He set his son up on a date with a business partner and didn’t even tell him. Then he’s marrying his daughters business rival, even though he knows they are bitter enemies. Like, there’s just so much shit going on with this family that it’s crazy.

The main problem I have with “Dynasty” is the fact that there is so much going on. Even if you are paying attention fully into it, you end up missing something or getting lost on a minor detail.  Yes, it’s a minor detail but it just enough to where you will miss something else. It’s also hard to tell what’s considered main plot and subplot. They just blend together.

The acting in this is also very top-notch. I’m already on the side of the children because their father is just a douche. I’m also rooting/living for an incestuous couple of Sammy Jo and Steven. Sammy Jo is the nephew of Steven’s new step-mother Cristal. They met at the failed “date” that Blake set up for Steven before getting a hotel room and fucking. Oh, Sammy Jo stole money from Steven afterward and left. I’m not really sure why I’m living for them, it just feels right. I think it might be because they are the most normal out of all the couples on the show. The line of the night was the limo driver reasoning for turning on Fallon’s father:

Your father is paying me $200k a year and I’m banging his daughter

“Dynasty” is a really great show that doesn’t really have any flaws. It’s really big flaw is the fact that there is too much going on. It’s easy to get lost in it as the main and subplots blend together easily. I recommend watching it for a good time.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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One thought on “Show Review: ‘Dynasty’ is your new guilty pleasure

  1. ok so I literally thought I was the only one who noticed that Sammy Jo and Steven are related and like fucking… like incest but I still live for it. Im binge watching dynasty right now also its literally 1:49 am and I probably sound crazy but I literally also went searching the web for and I quote “dynasty Steven and sam related but also married?” yes and then google landed me here. Now I am only on S1 Episode 20 and so far at the point im at they aren’t married yet but its coming soon so like wowowowow maybe someone will bring it up who knows. I am way too invested into this show but what else to do while in quarantine. sending good vibes 🙂 party on

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