‘The Flash’ breakdown: “Mixed Signals”


The Flash is back!

It’s time for another breakdown of “The Flash.” It’s a new week and a new episode. Will Caitlyn go ice-cold again? Or will Barry finally get back to fully normal? Let’s break it down!

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The episode opens up with Barry dancing in his underwear in an ode to “Risky Business” while speeding around making breakfast for himself. This marks the most we’ve seen Barry Allen not wearing clothes within since season one and that was only for a little bit. The main plot of the episode is the fact that Iris and Barry aren’t communicating with each other both personally or in the quest to fight evil. The subplot also revolved around this because Cisco was blowing off his girlfriend and having to make it up to her because it was 1.1.1 day on her Earth.

Iris and Barry’s inability to talk to each other sends them to a see a therapist after Caitlyn gave her the idea based on what her and Ronnie when through because they were doing the same thing. I was a fan of this until they totally blew off the actual issue between them. Iris and Barry never dealt with or talked about what Iris went through when Barry was gone for six months. Instead of diving deeper into this, they just glanced over the idea and moved on.

The villain of the week was a metahuman that could hack technology with his mind, which he did to seek revenge against his former team because they took credit for this idea. Cisco also adds a lot more tech to the new Flash suit this week, which nothing bad will happen because of that. Turns out, the villain took control of the suit and Barry. It wasn’t until Iris and Barry communicated with each other to fry the suit. They catch and stop the villain and resolve all the issues of the week. Oh, there’s a villain that I’m guessing in the future that is being a puppet master and controlling everything that is happening. Not much is being said about him/them…yet.

This episode was okay. It really didn’t have any depth to anything. Yeah, I like that they are going back to the lighter themes, especially when Arrow is dark enough for all of us lately, but the one thing last season had over this one so far is the fact that there was enough depth to tell a store. Yeah, the plot was all there, there was a story, but it just didn’t have the same momentum because it only hit the superficial. When it did get some depth, they touched it for a millisecond before quickly abandoning it. I wish they would have touched on it more. It would have made it more interesting.

I also wish they would have done more with Wally. Wally is getting pushed to the background after being heavily featured in the premiere and then a cameo in “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.” Either move him to another show or use him more on “The Flash.” Wally has outgrown being in the shadow. Kid Flash could be good on Legends or on a Teen Titan live-action show. Either way, just do something with him.I’m also slightly over Iris and Barry. Yeah, they are adorable but they are slowly becoming like Oliver and Felicity in season four for me. I’m just over them.

“Mixed Signals” was better than the premiere. It was funny and wacky like the old episodes but nothing clicked right due to the story they were telling were all superficial and not having any sort of depth. It does make me interested to see what’s going to happen during the season. It’s could be better. It SHOULD be better, especially after the massive amount of growth it had in season three.

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