“Riverdale” Rundown: “Chapter 15: Nighthawks”


A double cherry on top no

It’s another week and time for more chaos and destruction in the world of Riverdale. It’s time to run down all the shit that went down in the dale. This is the Riverdale Rundown, so let’s get right to it. It’s what Jason Blossom would have wanted.

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The episode was dealing with the aftermath of Ms. Grundy’s death, the black hood’s killing spree, Fred Andrew’s shooting, as well as Archie’s paranoia, which gets the best of him. Archie is seriously messed up from the shooting of his father. The death of Ms. Grundy is also getting to him too. You really just want to give him a big hug because dude has issues. He was going to turn to drugs to help him stay up at night in order to protect everyone. This dude has a lot of his plate. I’m very glad that he’s no longer a toolbox full of dicks because it suited him like a shirt does. I’ll get into that later on in this.

Pop’s diner is being blackballed because of what happened there and it’s turning the world upside down of the gang. Don’t worry, everyone ends up raising enough money to keep it open but it was a struggle to get everyone to revisit Pop’s. Betty ends up blackmailing Cheryl, which earns Cheryl’s respect, to get her to lie under oath to a judge and to get the river vixens to attend the event a Pop’s. That’s right y’all, Dark Betty is in the motherfucking house. I approve of Dark Betty coming out in small doses. I want more of Betty and Cheryl. Oh, how does she blackmail Cheryl? She has a copy of the video that shows her father killing her brother. Yeah, that’s how dark Betty got.

I don’t get though why Betty isn’t concerned about Jughead getting involved with his father’s gang. I get they are looking out for him while his father is in the big house but he’s getting too deep in there. FP is even concerned about who Jughead is talking to in his gang. I’m also concerned about how good Veronica’s parents are in covering their tracks when it comes to their dealings. I’m also very sad that Kevin hasn’t been in the shows more. Like I was expecting him to make a comment about Veronica’s dad being Daddy but nope. My soul died a little bit. We need more Kevin in our lives.
demabsepisode2We have a dem abs sighting!! That is right, we saw Archie’s abs again this week. While he wasn’t having extremely steamy shower sex with Veronica in a very inappropriate time, he answered the door for Veronica without a shirt on. Dem abs appeared in the first ten minutes. As you can see on the left side of this paragraph, I took the liberty to make a chart on when dem abs appear. My goal, besides looking thirsty af for dem abs, is to see how long it takes for Archie to whip those bad boys out and if it’s every episode. This is some hardcore reporting I did for my blog. Right now, Riverdale shows them in the first half hour of the show. But seriously though, Archie’s ab’s are a thing of beauty. You could make waffles on dem abs. They need to be saved in the Smithsonian for generations to appreciate and admire.

We also need to have a talk about the performance that the Pussycats did with Cheryl on top of Pop’s Diner. Besides the fact that it seems very unsafe to put three teenage girls on top a vinyl roof that they could all easily slip off of in high heels, they literally slayed the entire episode.  THEY FUCKING DID MILKSHAKE! Yas, it was everything. I want more Pussycats in my life. I also need more Cheryl because she has been the highlight of all these episodes so far. Like, her quotes are super iconic. I really want an episode of Riverdale that is just through her eyes.  That would be lit af.

This episode was literally everything. It still threw too much plot out at you but you should expect at this point now. I really want to see how the murder of Moose and that one chick that only in the episode because they need a meaningless character to kill off really affect everything in the dale. I wish this show came out all at once so I could binge it like there was no tomorrow. It makes me want to re-watch season one now.  THIS IS GETTING GOOD. I AM LIVING FOR THIS SEASON AND THIS SHOW (please make sure you insert claps in between every word for the full effect). I will end this rundown of this gif of Cheryl being the HBIC, Head Blossom/Bitch in Charge.

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