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I had no intentions of actually watching this show at all. The only reason that I decided to watch the show was because my bow wearing, frat boy chasing friend told me that I would enjoy it. So I bravely binged what the first season in a matter of a day. Here are my thoughts on this show.

“Strangers Things” is a Netflix original series that is set in the 1980s. It’s pretty much a mashup of all classic 80s science fiction movies. The series is set in the little town of Hawkins, Indiana. Hawkins is about 50 miles south of Pawnee, Indiana. Please tell me you got the reference. Anyways, the town gets shook by the disappears of a child. Turns out that it’s in a supernatural way as creatures are coming through and taking people to the “Upside Down.” Pretty much, the “Upside Down” is Riverdale. It’s dark, grungy, and people go there to die. With the help of a gifted and strange little girl with superpowers, a group of middle school NEEERRRRRDDDSSS uses their ability to play an old-school RPG game to save their missing friend and their town.

The show is a really good show. The way that the story is presented, it’s not too much at one time. It’s paced out wonderfully. I enjoyed the pacing because It was an exciting ride and had plenty of room to breathe and to fully tell the story it wanted to tell. It’s just sad that the first season story is not great. I found it to be a little bit boring. It got better as the season when it on but it was still a struggle to watch it at times.

The acting on the show is extremely good. I was especially shook by how awesome the child actors did. The teen actors are also extremely good. The standout characterization of the series has to be of Steve Harrington. In the first season, he is a toolbox of dicks. The absolute worst. But in season two, he becomes more likable as it goes on and you start to like his character. The character of Eleven is also one that has good characterization. It just doesn’t happen until season two when she gets hooked on phonics and begins to speak in full sentences.

The show though is overhyped. Yes, its good but its not as good as everyone says it is. The first season isn’t as good as the second season though. It’s in the second season where it truly finds it’s footing and the story is great. I get why it has a cult following, and it really should, but at the same time, there are plenty of other great sci-fi shows that you can enjoy. If you liked this show, I recommend Joss Whedon shows.

“Stranger Things” is an excellent television show. It just suffers from the hype and a first season story that will lose some of the viewers if they aren’t in it for the long haul. The second season though makes up for the first season. I recommend the show to watch because it is good. I plan on watching the third season.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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