Fashion Police: Winter Edition


You have the right to remain stylish

In case you weren’t aware, today is the first day of winter. Because it’s a new season, people are getting a new outfits in order to deal with the changing of weather. You don’t want people to think you are unfashionable and I don’t want to people to think that about you. So I put on my fashion blogger hat on and I’m here to help you not get a fine. So let’s dive into winter fashion.

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So the majority of the fall fashion crimes still will get you hefty fine and jail time for it during the winter season. I’m not going to repeat those, I’ve already linked it under the sexy deputy if you want to find out what not to do. For this edition, we are just going to talk about the biggest fashion crime of this winter season: fucking wearing pajamas in public establishments.

Now, I’m not sure if it’s everywhere but I’ve seen a lot of people wearing pajamas in public establishments and they are over the age of like 4. Now, I totally understand that there are “certain circumstances” that makes it slightly okay to wear them but those only work if you are going through a drive-through. Look, I’m just going to be blunt. The only way you can pull off wearing pajamas in public is to either not do it or wear pajamas that aren’t really pajamas.

It probably takes around like less than a minute in order to change out of your pajamas and put on like actual clothes. No one said that it has to be jeans. You could wear sweatpants than pajamas if you were looking to be comfortable. Hell, you could even wear the must dredded legging as pants over pajamas. Now, I still belive that leggings are giving pants a bad name, but you will look better in the long run wearing them than pajamas.

Wearing pajamas in public doesn’t set the right kind of image for you. You slightly look like you could give two shits about yourself. If you look like that, then you will feel like that. You should wear clothes that will make you feel confident, especially if you aren’t really feeling that yourself. Sure, wearing pajamas will make you comfortable and happy for a little bit but it’s only a temporary burst. If you were to wear clothes that make you look good, then you would feel good and be happy because every time you saw yourself then you would go “damn I look good.” Also, wearing pajamas in public is extremely tacky.

You are probably wondering what is your sentence will be if caught wearing pajamas in public. Well, you will have to do $60,000 in fines, 140 months in jail, and 400 hours of community service as a retail work. So, think about that the next time you are thinking about wearing your pajamas out in public.

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