Songs to bring in 2018


Music brings the people together

Yeah, yeah. I’ve used that Madonna lyric before so sue me. The point of this article is that I’m going to supply with the tunes to kick off your 2018 right. These tunes will also make people judge whether or not you are trying to relive your teen years if you are in your mid to early 20s. Either way, you’re going to have a good time. I’ve also tried to make sure that these songs came from 2017. Sorry in advance if they didn’t.

There are no rules for this playlist but rather just for you to enjoy and partake in. You don’t have to time out when to start the playlist just right before midnight. You don’t have time for that and frankly, neither do I. I put the list on Spotify because I think people still use more than the others. ┬áHere’s the playlist so you can have a good time with some bops:

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