What I learned in 2017


God, 2017 was fucking bad.

2017 is almost over. Thank fucking god. I don’t know about you, but I was over this year from the start of it because of it just full of bad things happening. Now, I thought instead of doing a year-end review, we would just do what I do best: Lock the doors, lower the blind, and fire up the smoke machine. That is right. Put on your heels because I know exactly what we need to end this year:

I guess you can say 2017 triggered me. Unlike the usual kikis where we usually just go off on one topic, I decided to spread the love and just grab all the edges off of 2017 because it’s weave was put on wrong. If my weave was put on wrong, I would get my money back. So let’s spill some tea on what was wrong with 2017.

All news is “actual news”

Catchphrase of 2017

I’ve learned that no one actually knows what is considered to be real or factual news. Everyone just goes believes whatever they just agree with and not the actual news. Granted, it’s hard to find some actual news these days. Especially when the President lies more than a prostitute on buy one get two free special night. People really just need to do a bit more research and think about where they are getting news from. Like, if you are strictly getting your news from Fox News…do you really think those motherfucking douches at the sexual assault factory known as Fox News is really giving you a bias opinion? It’s like asking 5-year-old if Ice Cream is better than carrots.

You would be a total and complete dumbass if you don’t know that a 5-year-old is going to tell you that Ice Cream is better than carrots.  Fox News is going to tell you that the liberals are trying to hinder your rights that Donald Trump is trying to protect. Bless Y’all! I’ll be the first to admit that “the Russians did” coverage was extremely overboard, but just make sure you take channels that lean towards one side of the political spectrum. Pretty much, just take it with a grain of salt and make sure you get both sides of the news story before you just blindly follow them into the light.

Americans are still concerned with who you are/aren’t fucking

Also learned that Americans are a bunch of nosy son of bitches.  I mean, I’ve already known that but it became more clear this year. I’ve literally talked about this a bunch of times on here so I’m just going serve this tea with a bit more bitterness with it. WHO THE FUCK CARES WHO GETS YOU OFF AS LONG AS IT’S NOT HURTING ANYONE. Why do we even care? Are we that worried about not getting any action that we have to stop other people from getting action? Who are we to stop if it’s not breaking any laws, hurting anyone, and making them happy? Just move on and get the fuck off it.

Besides, there are other more important issues that we have to worry about besides who’s sucking off Josh. Please leave me any answers to the question in the comments below. And that is when we get to the next thing…

Can’t spell America without ME

It seems like we are only concerned with what will benefit us and not what is right. Like we haven’t really sat down and discussed the fact that people are just getting shot up left and right. One side wants to protect their right to bear arms while the other side wants to pretty much just get rid of them. I know I was taught the art of compromise. Apparently, no one was. We are so concerned about what benefits us that we could give two shits about anyone else. It’s kind of like fuck you, I’ll still getting what’s mine. It’s the American way.

How hard would it be to sit down and just have a civilized conversation about everything to try to think a way to fix our problems that benefits EVERYONE as much as possible. Man, that kind of sounds like a very good idea.

Racism is still alive and well, unfortunately

It’s one of those things that you always hear about occurring and you just don’t believe and then this year happened. It’s rather sad that we have judge people based on the skin color and then make them feel bad or feel like trash. It doesn’t matter what someone skin color is but rather what their character is and how they are as a person. We just got to have people stop looking at a person’s outside.

Our President is a total and complete idiot

Yep, I said it. Donald Trump is an idiot. The best thing he has done is that he has given hope to every child that literally anyone can and will become President. Between the constant “my hard golden dick is bigger than your liberal flaccid penis” tweets on Twitter and his need to always be right, Trump is just a huge asshole. And that he doesn’t know when to fucking stop is what’s really makes even more of an idiot.

Has no one ever told him that he needs to zip his mouth? I’ve tried my best to say “He’s going to do a good job” in the beginning even when he wasn’t the one I wanted. But now, I just wish he would just go away. And just to clarify, nothing involving death or harm. Just on his own private island where I don’t have to listen or see him.

Everything happens for a reason

The only bright note in the year that was 2017 was the simple fact that everything happens for a reason. The stuff we went through this year was to only make us stronger, smarter, and better in the long run. We need to use the bad things that happen as motivation to never let that happen again. Because 2017 was literally the shits, 2018 will be so much better. It kind of has to be. Nothing could be as bad as 2017. But even if 2018 is shitter, it will still get better. It has to get better.

There’s so much more than I could have put into her because I didn’t want to make this long nor too depressing. But I don’t know about you but this kiki is…

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