Time to play a twisted game in trailer for ‘Truth or Dare’

Wanna play a game?

It’s the new year and it’s time for all the new movie trailers to be released so you have something to be waiting for. This year is no different as we have a twistedly twisted twist on a childhood/adulthood/drunken game that everyone plays. Someone finally turned the game of truth or dare in to a horror movie. No, it’s not based on being dared to streak around the place or anything like that.

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“Truth or Dare” stars Lucy Hale from “Pretty Little Liars” and Tyler Posey from “Teen Wolf.” Pretty much, it’s all the teen stars from your childhood. It follows a group of college students who go on a trip to Mexico and end up playing a supernatural game of truth or dare that doesn’t end. It gets even better because the game never ends. LITERALLY. Haunted by spirits, the college students continue to play the game. If they decided to tell a lie or not take a dare, they will die. It gets pretty gruesome too. In the trailer, it shows literally someone breaking their neck off a pool table. It’s your standard horror movie.

The movie itself doesn’t look bad at all. It’s a little too gruesome and gory for me but it got me interested with how the trailer was laid out. I spent the majority of the trailer going “Is that insertteenstar?” which worked for the trailer. The trailer highlighted the plot of the movie without ruining too much of it. That’s big because trailers these day tend to show too much about the movie to where you feel like you’ve already seen it.

Here’s the trailer for the movie. “Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare” will be out in theaters on April 27.

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