Movie Review: ‘So Undercover’

It’s all about the sly

2012 was the “coming out” year for Miley Cyrus. It was the awkward stage in her career. It was after “Hannah Montana” ended and before she shaved her head and began to twerk. Nothing is a better representation of that time than was her movie “So Undercover.”

“So Undercover” is a action-comedy movie that took the traditional undercover detective/cop comedy and really turned it on its head. It follows Molly Morris as she goes undercover for the FBI as a sorority sister at a local college. Her mission is to watch over the daughter of a Senate. That senator happens to be involved in a crime case. You can pretty much guess what goes on from there. “So Undercover” is a pretty transparent movie.

The movie itself really isn’t a bad movie at all. The pacing is okay through out it. It’s just nothing memorable that happens in the movie. Actually, it made me question what all my friends in sororities did. One friend was telling me how similar the songs they sang in her real sorority. This caused me to try to guess the lyrics for every song. Needless to say, I wasn’t fully paying attention to this movie. There wasn’t anything engaging about “So Undercover.”

The acting wasn’t horrible but yet it wasn’t anything that would get them nominated for an award. Miley seemed like she wanted to be anywhere else while the other sorority girls were just ehh. I mean, it’s a direct to DVD movie so my expectations on the acting weren’t that high to begin with. I just thought it wouldn’t be that bad. The breakout star of this movie was Kelly Osbourne. Her acting was actually rather good and she was hilarious. I wanted more scene with her in it.

“So Undercover” is a movie that is good for something on in the background. If you are looking for something of high-caliber acting, then this isn’t the movie for you. You will probably enjoy it more if you were in a sorority. It’s just not Miley’s best movie. It is years better than “LOL.” I appreciate they took the time to make something.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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