Album Review: Camila Cabello’s ‘Camila’

Camila Cabello releases her first album “Camila”

The wait is finally over! After months of singles and wishing for more, we have Camila’s first album. Originally slated for release last fall, it’s so far the album of 2018 that everyone wanted. It’s not hard as it just started but we’ve all been waiting her album, especially after the beef her and her former band, Fifth Harmony, have had since her departure.

Camila is bursting onto the music scene

“Camila” mixes the worlds of western pop music with the flavoring of Latin pop. Her style fits her vocals more so than anything in she did in that one band that aren’t really in harmony now. She really feels more comfortable singing this kind of stuff. It’s also rather good as well.

The vocals aren’t too overly produced but enough produced to where it’s okay when there’s a bit of production added her singing. The flow of the album is also rather good. It has some issues with the beginning and the end just because it’s the same song. Literally, it’s the same song. Doesn’t make any sense. Other than that, the flow is lit.

The album itself is addictive. It leaves you wanting more from it because it just so good. “Havana” was the standout from the start and it still is with the rest of the songs on the album. Some of my other favorites are “Into It”,”Consquences,” and “Something’s Gotta Give.” I just wish that “Crying in the Club” got more love because it isn’t necessary to have two version of the same song on the same album. It was a bop that deserved to make the cut on album. And yes, I know that she remove the song from the track list when she scraped the original album track list. Hopefully there’s a re-release with it, and “OMG” on it. I just really hate to see songs that were great not get a proper release.

“Camila” is an extremely good album that is an excellent start to the solo career. It’s not perfect what it’s pretty close to it. There’s a little of bit of flow issues with the songs and its missing something that makes it stand out more. The ballads and the bangers are the best part of the album. So far, it’s the album of the year.

Here’s the album for you to enjoys:

Rating: 4 out of 5


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