Justin Timberlake redefines banger with ‘Supplies’

Justin Timberlake envisions a hate free future in “Supplies”

Justin Timberlake has done it again! He has given us another song from his new album “Man of the Woods.” Justin Timberlake’s second singles are usually what makes people excited for this album and this song is no different.

“Supplies” is the total and complete opposite of his last single “Filthy” and honestly, it’s classic Justin Timberlake. It’s mixture R&B and pop, similar to his first album “Justified.” Everyone loves “Justified” era Justin Timberlake. Especially, with the hit song “Cry Me A River.” It’s just a fun song to listen to. Everything for the chorus to the breakdown is just flawless. I want more stuff like “Supplies.” I also like how it has a music video already. I feel like he made these ahead of time.

The video is Justin creating a world in the future where there isn’t any hatred or issues that plague us in this day and ages. He references the infamous Donald Trump “Pussy Grabbing” statement, #MeToo, and a bunch of social injustices. It’s an extremely well done music video that hits close to home with the topics without making seem like he’s lecturing about how these things shouldn’t exist. He’s just saying that these songs WON’T exist in the future.

Overally, “Suppiles” is literally everything.

Here’s the video for the song:


I certify that this songs is a fucking BANGER.

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