Movie Review: ‘The Outcasts’

Let’s talk about this Victoria Justice movie.

I’m just going to start with this statement: the best thing that Victoria Justice has done in her career was give us the gift of Ariana Grande. There’s also this video that gave us all a meme. I decided to watch her movie “The Outcasts” because it was free on Netflix and I was bored. I apologize to people who actually paid to watch this movie. Yep, it’s going to be that kind of movie review. Here’s my thoughts on it when the trailer came out.

“The Outcasts” follows Vicky J as she and her best friend try to change the ecosystem of a school by causing a social uprise. They turn uncool into cool. That’s pretty much the plot. It’s dull. It’s also extremely unrealistic as the things in this movie wouldn’t ever happen or work. Like, Victoria’s character is using an iMac. There’s no fucking way that would work in his day and age without heavy-duty fixing up that would cost more money than what her character’s father net worth. I understand that it’s a movie but you gotta keep it slightly believable.

This movie something I don’t know how it became a movie. It’s honestly not very good. The only redeeming quality of it is Avan Jogia. He does an extremely good job acting in this movie. He seemed like he was the only that cared. Everyone else didn’t seem to. It was either overacting or just under acting. Victoria also seemed to be overacting. She’s just trying to hard throughout the movie. She’s suppose to be the star but she really isn’t. It’s hard to believe that she had a TV show made for her.

All the character are either blah or just annoying. While I liked Avan’s acting, that doesn’t mean that I look his acting. I honestly just hated every last character in this movie. They were horribly dressed and planned out. Frankly, this movie is just horrible and should be used as torture. The only positive thing that I have to say about this movie is that I appreciate the fact that Vicky J took the time to make a movie. I’m appreciate the effort that she given to make her career happen. It’s the same amount of effort that Gretchen Wieners gave when she tried to make fetch happen. Only one of those things will happen and I’ll let you decided which one that is.

“The Outcasts” also tried to hard to be funny. It’s references and joke honestly just fell flat. Half of the references and jokes weren’t really anything actually teenagers would say. It’s like they never been around real teenagers. It also could be that it was released in 2017 but recorded in 2014. Yep, it took that long to try to make it watchable. They failed on that front. I wouldn’t recommend watching this unless you like crappy teen movies that give actually good crappy teen movies a bad name.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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