Shows that should be left alone: ‘Charmed’

The Power of three will set you free

It looks like they are going to be making a reboot of “Charmed.” sigh. For those of you that have never seen the show “Charmed,” shame on you! Go to Netflix and binge watch that show. When you are watching it, just ignore the theme song because it’s not the original one. “Charmed” was a supernatural show that feature three, technically four, sisters that happen to be extremely powerful witches. Together they are the Charmed Ones, or “The Power of three.” It follows their lives as they stop evil and try to be normal. “Charmed” doesn’t need to be rebooted.

So our beloved “The CW,” is going to be making the “Charmed” reboot in this modern-day. According to the C-Dub, is going to be “a standalone show.” It will follow three sisters that discover that they are witches. Does it sound familiar? Because it’s literally the premise of the original series. Most of everything they are doing for the reboot, is taken from the original series.

The part that confuses me, and this will have part will contain spoilers, how is there a new “Power of Three” when the original ones are still alive? The new sister of three have the same heritage as the OG three, but it doesn’t follow the lore “Charmed.” The new show is obviously following that lore. We are probably just going to say that it’s in an “alternative universe.” Everything seems like it happens in a ‘alternative universe” these days when it comes to reboots.

There really isn’t a reason to reboot the show because frankly, it’s timeless. If the reboot was just an continuation of the show like “Fuller House” or the new season of “Roseanne,”it would be totally fine. To ignore the original series and rewrite it all like it didn’t happen because that’s what they are pretty much doing.

Just do the world a favor “The CW” and don’t reboot “Charmed.” If you decided to still reboot, and you are, please just make it an continuation of the original. It would be nice to have the original actors involved in it.

Here’s the trailer for the original series first three seasons. I highly recommend watching it:

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