Season Review: ‘Star Trek Discovery’

Space, the final frontier

On Sunday, February 11, the CBS All-Access Show “Star Trek Discovery” finished up its first season. When show first premiered, click here for that review, I gave the show a 3 out of 5. That was probably being nice because frankly, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything spectacular. That was kind of feel that I got out from the entire series. This is a mild warning that I cannot promise that there won’t be any spoilers. There will probably be some.

“Star Trek Discovery” first season follows the United Federation of Planets involvement in a war with the Klingon on race. The overall theme of the season was about the events that happened in the first two episodes involving the main character, Michael Burnham. The series itself started off a little weak. Like I mentioned before, the first two episodes could have easily been one. Some of the plot within the first act of the season didn’t really carry much weight. There was times that the plot was good and then there was time it was bad. It was just inconsistent. You got that they were in a wartime situation but at the same time, it really didn’t feel like that.

The season started to pick up during the second act of the season where they were stuck in an alternative universe, also known as mirror universe. That’s when I began to really enjoy what this show had to offer. It was like a fresh breath of air went into the show. It finally gave the show that sense of urgency that is needed throughout it. Frankly, I would have like more episodes in mirror universe. I would have ended the season on a cliffhanger or when the USS Discovery got back and the Klingon Empire taken over everything. The second season could have started off with that. The finale just came across as rushed and extremely anticlimactic. It just ended like ran out of time.

The lack of moral/doing the right thing in the name of science/survival was probably the stronger plot of the entire series. It was something that carried out throughout both acts of the season. It really what made “Discovery” good when it was good. You could really tell and feel the tense in the situations that occurred. It also got extremely good when morals got thrown out the window by Starfleet or someone above them, and the characters had to wonder if they were going to put their morals at risk or follow orders.

The acting on the show was extremely good. There really wasn’t any acting in the series itself. The drama was there and when it clicked with the plot, that what made it so fucking good. Everyone did an extremely good job with the characters they portrayed. The shots and the production is pretty much flawless. It made the show feel like the new movies version of the series.


Overall, “Star Trek Discovery” is still an okay show. It picked up after the mid-season hiatus and that’s when it picked up it’s stride. It just failed to capture that in what I would call a lackluster season finale, which the highlight was the meeting of the OG USS Enterprise. I also think that it’s only like 15 episodes didn’t help with the overall story telling. There was somethings that I would have liked to be better explained. It’s not a bad show, just didn’t live up to their potential.

Click here to watch all of the first season.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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