Celebrity Big Brother Breakdown: What has happened so far?

So we need to have a talk about what the fuck has happened on Celebrity Big Brother US. Because this is a four-week season instead of one that last three months, It’s extremely hard and time-consuming to post a breakdown after ever eviction. Don’t worry, that will happen when Big Brother Canada starts back up next month.

The rise and fall of Shannon Elizabeth

Me hoping that Mark will go home instead

When I saw that Shannon Elizabeth was going to enter the house, I was pretty excited to see what she could do in this game. She watched the show and she’s a super fan. Sigh. Shannon honestly just played too hard too quickly. She got a target extremely quickly when she won the first HOH and the Veto. She didn’t need to win any of that. They were even trying to backdoor her last week. I don’t know what made her play so hard but it do anything but hurt her in the game. It might have been classic super fan karma. They tend to play this way often.

I hope that Shannon can turn it around and convince them to evict Mark instead. Last time I checked in on the feeds, she seemed to have given up on trying to stay. It’s sad that she just gave up like that. I wanted more from Shannon. Hopefully, it happens.

James is a ‘Big Time’ villain of the season

The face of the first CBBUS villain

In all honesty, James Maslow is not only the most attractive male house guest in the game now, he’s also the villain of the season. I don’t even think he’s trying to be the villain. The only reason is he the villain is just the way he is coming across. During his DRs, he is just being an arrogant and cocky asshole. It’s working for him too. He’s been feuding with Brandi since episode one when she was asking about singing and she gave him some  massive shade. It’s a one-sided feud because I really don’t think James gives a flying fuck. He’s just doing him now. James has also killed the competitions so far.

In the majority of the competitions he has played, he was in the top two or three. I’m also living for the profanity that comes out of his mouth. I live for former teen stars that cuss. It’s nothing that I haven’t heard from him before but it’s still pretty amazing to hear. I hope that James makes it far but I don’t think he will, just because now, he’s kind of just floating along. Once Shannon is gone, he’s going to be the next to go. That will be sad.

Keisha was evicted because her breast milk was depleting

Not jealous enough to stay and win

Yes, you have read that header correctly. Keisha asked to be evicted because she missed her child and her breast milk supply was depleting. Now, I’m not mocking her decision to go be with her daughter, but rather complaining because that was a wasted space for someone that would have actually wanted to compete. I totally get and understand that she missed her child and wanted to be with her, but she easily could have thought about that before she entered the house. Because she did that, she kind of screwed over her alliance. They were looking to get rid of Omarosa, who might actually win now, and she threw a wrench in their plan. At least she didn’t self-evict.

She also really didn’t end up in doing anything exciting in the game. She was in an alliance with Omarosa called BGM, Black Girl Magic, but that was really about it. She did start the trend of people who nominated James being the next to go.

Thoughts on the season so far

My thoughts so far on this season

This season so far has been way better than regular seasons of Big Brother. I think it has to do with the fact that they aren’t looking to be famous or a showmance. They are actually here to play…for the most part. It’s not Big Brother Canada good, but it’s SO much better than Big Brother 19. I mean, it’s not hard to be better than Big Brother 19. I think Ross and Marissa have a good chance to make it to final two. Their social game is so good. I have a feeling that Metta is going to be a sleeper and end up winning if they don’t watch it. I also think Omarosa will make it far because she is just being to complete opposite of what we expect when we heard her name.

Overall, I hope that Celebrity Big Brother can still extremely good just because Big Brother 19 started out good but then it sucked a major one as it was just the Paul show with Paul.


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