5 Seconds of Summer release new single ‘Want You Back’

5 Second of Summer has come back and all is right

It’s time for summer! 5 Seconds of Summer is finally back and they have graced with their first single since that “Ghostbusters” single “Girls Talk Boys.” So let’s talk about the gift that is “Want You Back.”

“Want You Back” isn’t 5 Seconds of Summer standard rock song that we grew to enjoy in songs like “Jet Black Heart” or “Good Girls,” and “She’s Kinda of Hot.” The song is more like “Girls Talk Boys.” It’s a mixture of funk rock and pop to create something that is similar sound of The 1975. It’s a more mature sound that is rather refreshing. Personally, I didn’t expect from them. It honestly works for them. I love the song. It’s a jam, a banger, and a bop. It’s something that keeps your interest from start to finish because the production is great and their lyrics are amazing.

The lyrics are on par with the rest of the songs they have ever written. Oh, it has the word fuck in it. That is right, we officially have our first explicit 5 Seconds of Summer song and I’M FUCKING LIVING FOR THIS SHIT. But the lyrics are deep and meaningful. It’s about wanting someone back after they left.

Overall, this song is a great start to what is looking like to be another amazing album. I want more of what 5SOS3 will give us. Hopefully it comes out soon…as along with the music video for this song. I just want of meme of them saying fuck in the rain.

Click here to see if 5SOS will be visiting you on tour. Here’s the single for your ears to enjoy. It does contain the word fuck:

I certify that his song is a bop, bop, bop, bop to the top!

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