Thoughts on America: Gun violence and gun control in America

I have some “Final Thoughts” on the matter

I’m just going to be blunt with this because frankly, I’m over all of this. I’ve tried many times not to cover things like this because I like this to be something more uplifting, funny, and something that isn’t so serious. But it’s time for another “Pop Project gets serious.” That’s what I like to call these things because I’m going to get serious because it’s getting bad. So let’s talk about guns. Oh, there’s not going to be a gif for this because it doesn’t deserve one. I also cannot promise there won’t be some sort of jokes in here because I don’t want this to get too serious. Note: I’m not even going to give the idea of teachers having guns the time of day. That idea was created by an idiot that is avoiding having to do actual work besides golf.

I’m not going to state numbers at you because they are literally everywhere these days. Instead, I’m just going to break it down for you. As much as people don’t want to say that this is a gun issue, IT IS. The fact that people are more worried about keeping their guns than the people dying is scary. No one is saying let’s take all the guns in the country and burn them. One, that would be super dangerous because some idiots would leave the bullets in and that would end even worse. Two, the only people who are looking to get rid of EVERY GUN are the extremist. But seriously though, no one really needs a gun.

I really don’t think common Joe really needs to own an assault rifle or anything like that. No one has a need to have a gun in their home unless they live somdwhere they have to worry about getting invaded. Spoiler: that doesn’t happen here in America. You don’t have to worry about a zombie rampage either.

It’s extremely too easy to get a gun. You can walk into Walmart and buy a gun. Not an assault rifle but just a gun like to hunt deer with. Doesn’t that sound a little too easy for buying a gun? Sure, you still go through the background check but there’s something a little strange about getting a gun in the same place you can get condoms and groceries. Here’s a piece from Fox News on background checks. While I dislike them, this was rather informational (first and last time I will say that.) The fact that they really don’t need to enter their social security number is something that needs to be address, as well as the fact that it’s easy process. While I’ve never tried to get a gun, here’s a list of things that may take longer than buying a gun:

Things that may take longer than buying a gun:

  • getting your driver’s permit
  • getting your driver’s license
  • waiting in the DMV
  • getting to your destination in a large city
  • buying or leasing a car
  • doing your taxes
  • taking a shower
  • planting a garden
  • working out
  • renting a car
  • getting a hotel/motel room
  • watch a movie

Look, all that I’m saying that it shouldn’t be this easy to get a gun. You shouldn’t be able to get something like that anywhere. You shouldn’t be able to get assault rifles. I can understand other guns for recreational purposes but why should a background check take a single phone call? Why should you be able to get something that could end a human life in a split second so easily? There needs to be something done to not allow it to be easy. A phone call shouldn’t be a background check. They should have to wait for a full actual background check because it doesn’t sound like one is being done. A couple of questions and a phone call doesn’t sound like the right judgement to decided whether someone should get a gun.

To those that don’t care because it’s their right to bear arms under the second amendment, this paragraph is for you: You are a heartless. There are people dying and you are more concerned about whether you can go by the gun you want. Have you no shame? The need of innocence lives being taken because people decided to shoot people trumps your need to have a “cool” gun that you have to load less often than a more sensible gun, which there really isn’t one.

To those that keep saying that it’s a mental health issue, just stop. If it is a mental health issue, then the person that is selling them the gun has the right to deny them if they feel they are being sketchy. So why didn’t they deny them? It could be that they are more concerned about the money and are just hoping for the best. You can see where hope has gotten us at this point.

Either way, something needs to be done and a bunch of high schoolers are making a difference and making you look like a bunch of assholes. They are taking the initiative to stop anymore mass shootings from happening. They are more mature than the person who is playing dress up as the President. You can sit there and blame everything else you want like video games, society, the media, but it all falls back to one thing: shooters are getting their guns legally. That is a GUN CONTROL ISSUE. These high schoolers get it, why doesn’t the adult that are sitting there trashing them get it? Because they are getting money if they keep gun policy the same from the National Rifle Association. Yeah, I went there.

Also, can we also stop saying “no one blames the gun” logic because frankly, it’s stupid. Yes, it’s all on the user of the gun but if they removed the gun from the user, then you wouldn’t have a mass shooting. Again, no one really needs an assault rifle. Hell, no one really needs a gun unless they are military or police. Instead of selling and making guns for mass consumption, let’s use that money to get more police officers so people don’t feel the need to have a gun on them for their own safety.

So let’s stop having mass shootings, which seems like we have one every other day, and actually do something about it. Let’s learn from these students and take their lead. We need to be the change in the world. We, as a country, are stupid if we let another mass shooting occur. Which we probably will because the “mature” adults running the country are trying to over compensate their small dicks with their firearms. I would like to dream of a day where parents don’t have to worry about their 15 year old getting shot up at school. A day where I don’t have to worry about getting shot up because I said the wrong thing to the wrong person. A day where I don’t have to hear about another mass shooting in America.

Click here to learn more about gun control. It’s not the devil. It could save your life one day. Let’s be real, by the time you reached for your gun, you would have been shot and possibly killed by another gun.

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