Big Brother Canada Breakdown: Week One

You can and you will

It’s time for everyone’s favourite North American season of “Big Brother.” If you have never seen an episode of Big Brother Canada, then you are truly missing out. Big Brother Canada is everything. It’s what we all want Big Brother USA to be. But this is the same BB Breakdown you know, just with a Canadian touch. Welcome to the Big Brother Canada Breakdown.

This is everyone doing our happy dance

Unlike Big Brother USA, I’m not watching the feeds. Mainly because I live in America. But I just don’t have time to sit down and watch them. At least with the BBUS feeds, I can have it on the background through the CBS All-Access. All of this is just going to be based off of the TV and little knowledge of what’s happening besides what’s shown with my homegirl Arisa Cox. Also, this will be shorter because it’s only been two episodes and they weren’t the most telling of how it all went down. Let’s begin!

Can we have a moment to discuss the house?

This house is simply amazing. Every year they seem to out do the one before it. Last year was a space theme, and this year is heaven and hell. I was shook from the house tour video. Every room in this house is just gorgeous. The production value has been taken up a level. Like they have fucking wings on the door. The have-nots have to sleep in a crypt with a door that has faces screaming on it. Why can we have things like this in America?

Then the opening for the first episode was everything I have ever wanted. It was epic. I was living for it all of it. Arisa’s entrance was everything. Have I mentioned that I was shook?

Can we have another moment to discuss the houseguests?

This gif sums up my thoughs so far

I didn’t look at the cast before the season start besides at pictures because I wanted to see how would be eye candy. Overall, this cast seems like it will be a good one. I thought the same of BB19 cast and well…you know how that happened. But this is extremely diverse cast and I’m honestly here for it. It’s about time we got some diversity. There’s a nice mix of every type of person.

I hope that the man candy isn’t just eye candy but rather have something to offer to the BBCAN table. The girls all seem like a good group as well. They have a tough shoe to fill as the BBCAN5 cast was pretty much everything. Don’t get me started on BBCAN5. It was pretty much the best season I’ve seen for while. It ranks up there with BB6 as my favourite. 

Rozina was the first to be evicted and I really want to know what the hell their reasoning was? It honestly really doesn’t make any sense because she was up against Alejandra, who was more of a threat. I hope they say why on the next episode. Also, two more houseguests entered the house. I don’t know enough about them to make a comment. It will be coming though.

Who has it in them to win?

Honestly, it’s too soon to tell. They all seem like they want to play. Hamza is just playing too hard and it’s only been one week.  I don’t see him going to far in this game because of how he is doing. Johnny isn’t going to last long after this week either. He didn’t need to win the veto this week. He didn’t need to pull the strings he did. He really didn’t need to get this hands as dirty as he did. It will be miracle if they someone doesn’t see the game that they are playing.

Also, I’m over Ryan and I hope he goes home very very soon. He pissed me off with his overly cocky comments about being in the top ten of BBCAN superfans. I don’t need you to be that motherfucking cocky. Honestly, that’s all the people I remember that did something. It was only two episodes that were rushed through.

Big Brother Canada airs on Mondays at 9 PM, Wednesdays at 7 PM, and Thursdays at 8 PM on Global if you are in Canada. If you live in America, look on Twitter for ways to watch. I would share on here but I don’t want to go to jail.

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