Big Brother Canada Breakdown: Week 2

Some of these people are just too much

Another week in the house and boy, it’s starting to go down. There’s a new Head of Household and boy, did he fuck his game ruin his head of household reign. So let’s breakdown all that happened during week two of Big Brother Canada.

Here is my thoughts on what happened during the second week of Big Brother Canada. Like I said last week, this is without the live feeds because I’m unable to watch since no one has thought about airing Big Brother Canada in America yet and how much money it would make them. It’s probably because it would put Big Brother US to shame and Americans would want to do BBCAN instead…more so than they do now.

I just can’t anymore with Ryan

Ryan this week has been on my motherfucking nerves. For someone who says he has a high IQ in Big Brother, he was a total complete idiot with this HOH. Let’s just break down this dumbasses game. He put up two of his allies, Andrew and Hamza, because that’s what the house wanted. The goal was to backdoor Olivia. Ryan didn’t tell anyone about this plan, including the people that were playing in the veto. He told them why they shouldn’t win it and that backdoor plans didn’t work. Let that irony sink in.

Then after Erica won the veto, he fucking blamed Andrew and Hamza for not playing harder for the veto. Yep, what a toolbox full of dicks. I really want to go “Ryan, it’s your fault more so because you should have tried harder if you really want to do a backdoor plan by yourself.” He tried to pull off a backdoor plan by himself and then wondered why it didn’t work and now he has to get rid of a couple of allies. This is why I can’t with Ryan. This HOH was a waste for him because it did nothing for him. It probably made the target on him even bigger because while I’m unable to watch the feeds, twitter is telling me that he is pissing them all off. Being HOH went to his head. His BB demise will be quick and fast if he doesn’t get it together. He tried to be a puppet master but ended up looking an idiot.

House meeting has been called; Ryan’s game goes boom!

Me laughing at Ryan trying to cover his own ass

Just when I thought that Veronica was going to be boring. She was the only one that had the balls to call a house meeting to call out Ryan for stirring up the pot. Pretty much, He tried to keep Andrew in the game by spreading paranoia about Hamza. Ryan told them that they couldn’t trust Hamza and that they were all targets. Veronica called him out in front of everyone and asked how they are all targets. It’s then where he tried to back peddle but failed. He tried to say the house used him to get out one of his allies and they have just shunned him. Bitch, please. You can’t use yourself. I live for house meetings because they never end well. It’s pretty much a car crash. YOU CANNOT LOOK AWAY.

I’ll be shocked if Ryan can recover from this because frankly, he messed up his game. He messed up his game extremely badly. This game is the Titanic and its sink: FAST AND HARD. There’s no recovering from it.

Thoughts on who is currently winning the game

the irony in this are not lost on me

It’s going be easier for me to tell you who isn’t going to win the game. It’s definitely not Andrew, who was evicted, or Ryan. Hamza has a better social game even though he is still playing way too hard. Everyone now is playing a bit of a lighter game while still playing the game. Sure, we don’t know half of the people yet but they are all playing it low-key. Most of the other houseguest are horny and just looking to get some in a showmance. Yeah, that’s how much I’m going cover on that topic until something big happens.

I do like how they are starting to realize who to get out. They know that it’s not all fun and games.I also like how so far, there isn’t anyone just blindly following someone. Granted, Hamza is pretty much going with everyone else and not really playing how he truly wants to play. This isn’t a bad strategy but it’s not one that you would want to play when your life is on the line. Also, Hamza wanted to be on the block. Why would you want to be on the block?

I am in the mood for a bit of chaos in the house. I’m looking for some good old fashion BBCAN chaos. Drama, backstabbing, and tears. I have a feeling that this week is going shake up the game. I’m here for that shit.

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