Charlie Puth and Kehlani get together in ‘Done For Me’

Charlie Puth, you have my undivided attention

While we will have to wait until May to get Charlie Puth new album “Voicenotes” but we did get blessed with a brand new song today! That is right, Mr. Puth is just the gift that keeps on giving. Charlie teamed up with Kehlani, who is on tour now with Demi Lovato. Spoiler: it’s a bop.

Me right now wanting the album to drop

“Done For Me” follows the same suite as “Attention” and “How Long” as it’s an upbeat dance bop about relationships. You can honestly tell that these songs all came from the same situation in his life. “Done For You” feels like the answer to “Attention” and I’m totally here for it.

The song has an extremely good beat to it. It’s a nice mix of pop and soul that comes almost disco. It’s a very well produced song. Also, the lyrics get stuck in your head. It’s not like “Attention” that is literally there in your head for days. They sneak in there like a ninja. Then the little things he does vocally also just make the song. I’m pretty much shook.

The duet between him and Kehlani is everything. It isn’t the have the featured artist just appear in the song then just disappear like all the Kardashian’s enemies. It’s nicely woven into the song to where it just adds to it. The duet makes the song just shine. The song would still work without Kehlani, but it wouldn’t be the same. It turns the song into a relationship fight. There’s more depth to the song with the interwoven singing.

The Verdict

Overall, this song is just like all the others: a banging bop. I absolutely love what he is doing musically with this second album. They are all extremely catchy and make me want to more. Like I want this album now. Here’s my list favorite to least favorite: “Attention,” “How Long,” “Done For Me,” and “If You Leave Me Now.”

Here’s the song for your ears to enjoy. Charlie Puth’s sophomore album “Voicenotes” will be out on May 11.

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