Game review: ‘The Sims Mobile’

It’s a game about life!

I don’t know about you but I’ve waited years for a quality mobile version of “The Sims.” Oh, I should have probably started off with this: “Hi, my name is Steven and I’m a recovering ‘The Sims’ addict.” That’s right, I’m slightly addicted to “The Sims.” It’s probably because I use it as a way to create the life that I want for myself because I’m sad and disappointed with how my life is going. It also lets me control people and make them do things that I want them to do. Anyways, now I can force a sim to cheat on his lover with their best friend.

What’s “The Sims Mobile?”

“The Sims” is the mobile version of the PC game. It’s actually more like the game than its original predecessor “The Sims: Freeplay.” That game was just a hot mess that really didn’t let you so much. It was also not as beautiful graphically as the real game. You don’t have to worry about it being a hot mess of ugly because it’s not. Everything looks like it’s a direct port. The customization is where the game shines. You can literally create whatever sim you want and make them look however you want to. You can even customize your house to a certain degree.

The game is step up to tell the story of your Sim. The game comes equipped with a list of stories for every sort of situations. In order to advance in these stories, you must gain XP and level up in your career or relationship. It’s interesting that it does this. It’s kind of like story mode for “The Sims.” It’s not really fleshed out. There’s so much that they could do with this. There are 10 levels of relationship, but you will only get story progress for probably 3/4th of the time. Even then, it’s just bland story progression where it’s word bubbles that feel out-of-place. Why should I read when they are talking in simish anyways?

One flaw in the game is that it only gives you enjoy energy to do an amount of task. I would rather have to deal with having to put my Sim to bed than having to wait for my energy to reload. You can refill it by either taking a special kind of shower or taking a power nap. Those only refill it up to a certain amount, the rest has to be refilled by just waiting it out.

A major complaint that I have is the simple fact to get new things, skills, and such, you need to level up your household. I don’t want to level up just to get things that should already be available from the start. It’s just frustrating. It’s also frustrating that you will need two forms of currency in the game to get anything good. Coins that you get from working/completely task or stacks of dollar bills that you occasionally get once in a while for the same things. The stack of dollar bills is what you will need to get the good shit. This game, like all mobile games, rely heavily on micro-transactions. They are vain of my existence.

The Verdict

The mobile version of “The Sims” is a great game, especially when you look at what we were given before this. It does have some flaws, just like any other new game. It could do without having to level up to gain certain skills, outfits, appliances, and traits. You can say that I hoped that it would be more like the real game. I guess I’ll have to wait even longer for that. If they are trying to make a mobile game closer to the real PC game, this is a step in the right direction but it’s a long ways away.

“The Sims” is available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store free.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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