Shawn Mendes comes back with new raw single ‘In My Blood’

There’s no holding me back, Shawn!

Because Shawn Mendes and Charlie Puth are in a musical dick measuring contest still, we have the first new single from Shawn since he’s last song “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back.” If you thought that Charlie’s new song would have gotten the internet to go wild, it doesn’t have anything on this. 

Rock out with…your bad self, Shawn

The is extremely more rock and roll than anything that Shawn has done in with his past two album. In an interview with Beats 1 Radio, Shawn even states he wanted to do more of a rock album. He wanted to channel the Kings of Leon when he was creating the new album. “In My Blood” is definitely a more mature single. Mature Shawn is even better than what we got before.

The song itself it’s everything. “In My Blood” has deep lyrics that aren’t something that only certain people have dealt with but rather it’s something that everyone has dealt with in the past. The lyrics main theme is dealing with being lonely and anxiety. The lyrics also empower you to overcome what you are feeling. The chorus features that the lyric “Sometimes I feel like giving up, but I just can’t.” The song starts out as like he’s struggling to get a hold of what he is feeling. Then as it hits the chorus, he overcomes anxiety and loneliness. “In My Blood” empowers you to not let what you’re feeling control you but rather move on with it. Don’t let it control your life.

The production on the song is frankly, amazing. It starts out like a normal Shawn Mendes song before kicking in being a Rock ballad. As the song gets less depressing and more uplifting, the song picks up as well. I love how Shawn put this all together. Shawn’s vocals are great on this song as well. They fit the rock genre so well. I really hope that he keeps up with Rock. I like his acoustic pop-rock before but this is just so much better.

“In My Blood” is an excellent way to start the new era for Shawn Mendes. It’s something that gets you invested in the new music and frankly, the rock feel really fits him extremely well. Shawn can rock on with the best of them. “In My Blood” will give you the feels and you will like it.

Here’s the song for your ears and heart to love:

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