5 Seconds of Summer releases ‘Want You Back’ music video

5 Seconds of Summer makes everyone’s world spin

Australian rock group 5 Seconds of Summer released the video for their newest single “Want You Back” off of their untitled third album. “Want You Back” is all ready unlike any of their past songs and the video isn’t any different.

The video for “Want You Back” is visually stunning one that plays on the visuals and doesn’t tell a story like the majority of the 5SOS videos have done before. Each member of the band is in their own room. The rooms spin and defy gravity as they perform the song. It’s similar to what one would assume an acid trip would feel like.

5 seconds of Summer let the song tell the story instead of letting the video tell it. The video is more of a tool to help get the story across. It also lets the viewer figure out the hidden meaning of the rooms spinning and the setup of the rooms. The video also marks the first time we see the band perform the explicit version of the song. In past performances, they have performed the clean version of the song. 

The video for “Want You Back” is a welcome change in the style of 5 Seconds of Summers. It’s a more mature style and looks for the group. Their earlier style didn’t have anything wrong with it, you need to mature and grow to be successful. 5 Seconds of Summer is growing and maturing with their fans.

While there isn’t a release date for 5SOS3, 5 Seconds of Summer is on tour. Here’s video for your viewing pleasure:

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