Charlie Puth and James Taylor team up to release ‘Change’

Charlie Puth wants to change the world

Not to be outdone by Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth graced the world with another song off of his upcoming sophomore album “Voicenotes.” Puth released the song after he sang at a “March for Our Lives” event in Los Angeles. on March 24.


Released on March 26, Puth teamed up with the legendary James Taylor, you read that right, to give the world an acceptance anthem that it could really use now. “Change” is a folk ballad that takes it slower than any song so far from “Voicenotes.” The song is more written in the style of something Taylor sang. It’s the most

Lyrically, “Change” is about accepting each other’s differences and just loving the person for them. Puth and Taylor sing about if people just accept each other, then something positive will happen in society. The lyrics are the deepest lyrics that Puth has sung about so far in his career. While “One Call Away,” is arguably greatest hit of Puth’s career, “Change” is up there just on how relevant and great the song.

Puth also released a video of his live performance at the LA “March for Our Lives” event. The video features him playing the song on a keyboard. It also shows people participating in the event with the signage. Puth solo rendition of the song adds more depth and meaning that wasn’t present in the studio version with Taylor.

While Taylor’s vocals does add to the song, it would have been fine as a solo song. The video of Puth’s LA performance shows that very well. “Change” is a beautiful song with an extremely powerful message that isn’t heard like this on the radio. It isn’t overpowered by the beats and mainstream appeal. “Change” flows extremely well together and lets the lyrics do all the talking. 

Like the other songs released so far, “Voicenotes” is shaping up to be full of collaborations. “Voicenotes” is slated to be released on May 11, 2018. Until then, take a listen to Puth and Taylor’s “Change” below:

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